Written by Ron

8 Dec 2006

I lowered the duvet and Norma turned to see my

rock hard fully erect penis staring at her,Norma

told me that in all her years she had only ever had

one man and that was her husband,she had enjoyed

their love making and that her husbands penis was

nowhere near as big as mine.I assured Norma that

i cared for her a great deal and that i'd never

do anything that she was unhappy with ,then i took

her small soft hand and placed it on my throbbing

cock.I layed back and relaxed as i allowed her to

come to terms with it by allowing her to wank it

slowly up and down,i wanted to see her small delicate

mouth stretched wide with it's girth but i contented

myself for the moment with putting my hand under her

nightie and caressing her lovely plump backside

and her wet quim.Norma had sucked her husbands cock

before and it was suprisingly easier than i thought

to get her to put her hot mouth around mine."That's

it Norma...suck my big hard penis" i said in a state

of lust,i thought that my dirty talk might upset

her,but it seemed to encourage her.