Written by Ray

1 Nov 2006

I had to go on another training course in London, so I got on the train at Newcastle, and got myself comfy for the long boring journey, Id asked to fly down but the bosses wouldnt pay my expenses, even though I told them a certain Buget Airline flew out of Newcastle Airport.

I settled in and got out my paper and sat there reading it, we got to Doncaster and I was asked if this was anyones seat next to me, I looked up and saw this vision in pink with long blonde hair looking down on me, now how could I resist her charms.

We sat there chatting away, her name was Paula, and she was going to London for a serious operation, but decided to go down 3 days early to scout about London and have some fun, I decided to be brave and asked her if there was a man in her life, "if only" she said, most men run from me because of my looks, there was definately nothing wrong with her looks at all, she was very pretty and if I wasnt in a relationship Id have taken her on.

I asked if she had a pen as id like to give her my number to call after her operation so I could at least chat to her and make sure she was ok and not alone, as she pulled out the pen her hotel booking form fell out too, she was in the same hottel as I was, so I suggested we share the taxi to the hotel book in and meet later for a meal.

I went to my room and had a nap for a while and got up showered, and got dressed and went to her room to see if she was hungry, I knocked on the door and she answered it in a dressing gown, she invited me in and said she wouldnt be long, she returned to the bathroom, did her make up and and came out, she had already set out her clothes and just dropped the dressing gown to reveal a white bra,panties stockings and suspenders, and a pair of lovely shapely long legs, I asked her if I should leave whilst she dressed, she giggled and said stay there, I found myself getting horny and hard, and was wondering how I was going to stand up when she was ready.

She finished dressing, and the dreaded time came for me to stand up, she noticed my obvious erection, looked at it and giggled, "Have I made you horny then" I sheepishly told her that she had a wonderful body and any man would get horny if they saw it. " are you hungry at this moment" she asked, I said yes and no, so we decided to stay in her room and chat, she got herself comfy by stripping off to her stockings suspenders bra and panties, I told her she was teasing me, again she giggled, and told me that not everything is what you see, confused so was I, she then asked if id like to see more of her body, I smiled and she took that for a yes, and started to lower her panties, I was looking to see a lovely blond thatch of hair and as she lowered them further I got this glimpse of what I wanted to see, but then there was something wrong, as she lowered them, up popped a cock, mind you a nice looking cock too about 6 inches soft.

She looked at me and said "are you sorry to see what Ive got" I just looked at her and asked her to sit next to me, she sat down and started to cry, I told her to stop and wiped her eyes dry, her panties were halfway down her legs and I took them off for her, she seemed to realise that I wasnt going to go mad, but was liking her more and more, we chatted about her operation and it twigged, she was a pre op transexual, and the op she was going for was to remove an unwanted piece of her body and make her a woman.

After about an hour she asked me to pull up her panties, as we had forgotten all about them, so I did what she asked, she got dressed, ans asked if I still wanted to go to dinner with her, I just smiled and said, hurry up and get dressed and I'll meet you in the dining room, off I went and waited for what seemed ages, then she appeared, all in white, she came over I complimented her on her looks and with that we ordered and ate our meal, then after a few drinks we went up to our rooms, said goodnight and shut thte doors.

I just couldnt get over what Id seen of Paula, firstly her female side and then her male side, I was hard just thinking about her, after a quick wank over Paula I fell asleep, an hour later there was a knock at the door, I opened it, but had forgotten that I sleep naked, there was Paula, I cant sleep she said so I asked her in, and went to put on my shorts, "no dont do that" she said, and then she lay on the bed and invited me over to join her, we both lay there chatting kissing and fondling each others body, she stood up and stripped off, she had small breasts (due to taking hormones) and she joined me on the bed.

We were both naked and she started to kiss me, and went down to kiss my noe erect cock, she slipped it into her mouth, I felt this warm feeling as she gently sucked away at my cock, I very soon felt myself about to cum, I stopped her and told her, she asked me to make love to her, and fuck her bum, Id never done this before so I was cautious, and placed a condom on my cock, and lubed it up with ky jelly, she then put me on my back and mounted me, she took my cock and placed it at the entrance to her bum and eased herself down on my cock, she rode it for ages and was very good at it, and it took a good hour before I had the feeling deep inside me to cum, I told her I was about to cum and she bounced up and down faster and faster, then it happened a wonderful orgasm such the like as Ive never had before, I just cum and cum, couldnt stop myself, it seemed like id pumped gallons inside her, after I did finish she got off me and lay down next to me, and we both fell asleep.

We woke up the next morning, showered, dressed and went for breakfast, I then went off to my training, and Paula looked around London until my return to the hotel, I told her my training was only 2 days and would be leaving before she goes into hospital, so we stayed together for the next 2 days, I told her Id better phone home, just to let my partner know when Id be home, as I was chatting on the phone I heard a male voice in the background telling my partner to tell me to "go to hell" I asked if she was ok and it came out she had been having an affair for 2 years behind my back, she was sorry, I told her to get out of the house by the time I got home, and take my so called best mate with her, I slammed the phone down and was a bit tearful as we had been together for 6 years, Paula was an angel, and Id soon forgotten the phone call.

I told her I was just going to reception, when I came back id arranged to stay another two weks and paid in advance, she asked why, so I told her 2Id like to be here for you during your operation and recovery, and also if she wanted id take her back to mine to fully recover, she smiled and off we went to bed.

Paula had her operation and is fully recovered, we went to Doncaster to her flat and cleaned it out, and she moved in officially with me, we did see my ex a few times and my ex mate did try it on with her but she just told him where to go, weve been together now for 8 years and are very happy indeed.