Written by Brian

8 Feb 2004

While we are on the subject of men in the forces involved in Bi sex i feel i must wright and tell you about my expeirance,during the seventys i was in the RAF and posted away i wont say where,however i had some leave coming and made my way home on the train,i had to chance and a few hours to kill so forces being forces i headed for the station bar,and sat down with a pint or two,not long after i noticed a young man around 18 19 y/o,i was 40 ,he kept on staring and eventuly we got chating he was on his way home on the same train as me i kind of suspected that he was a bit fem and he was very atentive mind we were very merry and the subject had turend to sex which i was a bit short of just now,well he said if you want i could deal with anything that pops up i was a little taking back as he sat and stared into my eyes,and to be honest the thought did excite me ok i said where follow me he headed off to the gents i followed a few mins later the place was empty and i noticed a cube door ajar i pushed it open and steped inside,where he was sitting on the seat he reatched out and unzipped me and took out my cock slowley he slipped it into his moist warm mouth and sucked untill it was right back against his throte ,wow this was good i held the back of his head and fucked in and out his mouth fianly i shot wads and wads in to him as he swallowed my semen came out of the corner of his mouth ,i steped back and zipped up he looked at me his lips shiny with my cum and smiled i felt very enbarised at what i had done to this young lad,and i left back to the bar just as i was about to go the young lad came in and sat down next to another man who said sharply where have you been i have been waiting ten mins,sorry he said as he kissed him deeply on the lips,god i thought i have just shared my cum with another guy and he does not even know it,while on the train the young lad dropped a not on my lap it had his add on it not to far from i stayed i seen him more than a dozen times during my 4 weeks leave and fucked him in every posible way