Written by mark-bexley

2 Nov 2006

At about 10pm one friday night,taking a meal break from cabbing,I parked up on shirley hills croydon. I hadnt been there more than 10 mins when a middle aged man tapped on my window. He asked if I wanted to watch while he fucked his wife,I was quite surprised but agreed. I locked my car and followed him to a VW camper van backed into the tree line. He got in and beckoned me to follow, there on the drop down bed was a woman at least 15 years younger than him legs spread,and only wearing black stockings,I could see her trimmed pubic hair and open labia,which she was stroking with her fingers. He said "there has to be someone watching or its no good,just sit there". So sit I did and watched while he roughly fingered her,after only a few minutes he climbed over her and fucked her very quickly,cumming within 2 minutes.He got off her and licked and sucked her till she came.As soon as she had, he told me "shows over, see you again". My cock was straining my trousers and I had to wank off,I came buckets very quickly.I never did see them again,and the memory has stayed with me. Doggers sites are ok but you have to be lucky to fulfill your needs there.I would love to watch again.Anyone in need of my assistance,please leave a message. Mark