Written by Tri-Ian

19 Feb 2006

I met Mick & Jean on another site on the web back in the last half of last year.

I traded a few mails with Mick and exchanged photo's receiving some very nice ones of Jean in various items of lingerie and some lovely knee high boots.

We managed to arrange a meeting when I was visiting their area with work and staying in a hotel near them.

I was immediatley interested in what I saw when Jean walked into the bar, a very sexy blonde, size 12, late 40's and hot as hell. She was wearing a denim mini and loose fitting blouse and a pair of heels.

After a couple of rounds of drinks and the ususal small talk Jean looked at me and said "well are you going to show me your room then", so with no hesitation on my part off we end, my cock was starting to harden in anticipation of getting stuck into this sexy MILF.

Once in the room Jean slipped onto the bed placing herself in the middle so that Mick and I took a place on either side. I started to kiss Jean slowly and to caress her neck, while Mick proceeded to undo her blouse and started to work on her right breast; I continued to kiss Jean whilst slipping a hand into her bra and felt her hard nipple; Jean pushed on my head forcing me down to suck on her left breast and started to moan as both her tits where worked on at the same time.

I slipped a hand down and under her skirt, slidding a finger under her lacey thong and into her moistening pussy, hearing Jean moan as I slipped first one then two fingers into her, I kept this up for some minutes until Jean broke away, knelt on the bed between Mick and I and removed her clothes revealing a lacey red bra and thong. She leant forward and grapped our cocks through our jeans and started to kneed them before saying "help me out guys get your clothes off as well". I wasted no time asking Jean to help and undo my belt, as she pulled down my jeans my cock sprang out "no underwear how convenient!", said Jean as she started to suck on my cock, like there was no tomorrow.