Written by James

24 May 2006

My name is James, I have been married to Diane for 30 years. Up until our holiday last year our sex life had been good but not adventurous. On many occasions I had brought up the subject of swinging, but Diane would not agree to try. Although very broadminded and enjoying looking at blue movies, especially cum shots, Diane did not want to bring another couple into our sex life.

In 2005 we went for a short break holiday abroad. The hotel was excellent. On our second day we started chatting to another couple who were also staying at the hotel. Their names were Brian and Wendy, and like us were in their 50s. We found that we had a lotof interests in common and got on very well with each other. We had a day out together sightseeing and arrived back at the hotel mid evening. We had a quick drink together in the bar and then went to our respective rooms. Diane and I showered and then lay on our beds (twin bed room) and started to watch the television. We were both wearing just our dressing gowns. Diane flicked through the television channels and found there was a porn film running. We settled down to watch this.

There was a knock at the door, Diane pulled her dressing gown around her and opened the door. It was Brian and Wendy. They were also wearing dressing gowns and carrying a couple of bottles of wine and some glasses. Brian said that he thought it would round the day off nicely, us all having some wine together in the relaxed comfort of the hotel room.

The television was still on and there was a close up fuck scene. I apologised and went to turn it off. Wendy said to leave it on as both her and Brian enjoyed porn films.

Brian sat down on my bed and Wendy went and sat on the bed beside Diane. We then drank wine and watched the film. Wendy said that as she was hot, did we object to her removing her drssing gown. Diane told her it was ok. Undrneath she was wearing a sleep set consisting of a satin camisole type top and french knicker bottoms. The film was excellent with plenty of porn action. Wendy suddenly told Brian to cover himself better. I looked and saw that a very hard cock was showing. Diane told Wendy not to worry as it was nice to see and suggested that Brian took his dressing gown off. This suprised me but I did not have any objection. Brian was completly naked and did not seem at all embarrassed. Diane then suggested that I did the same. When my dressing gown came off it also showed that my cock was also very hard. Diane then took her gown off. Wendy said that Brian and I looked very awkward siting next to one another and told him to swap places with her. By this time anoher porno film was starting and we all laid back to watch it.

After a while I looked over to Diane and saw that Brian was rubbing her leg with his hand. Diane responded by starting to kiss him. Her hand then went to his cock. By this time I was very excited and started to kiss Wendy who eagerly responded. Soon we were all fucking.

Later I dicovered that it had all been set up in advance by Wendy and Diane. Wendy had managed to persuade Diane that swinging was fun and that she should try it.