Written by andy/martin-helen jill - good times

2 Apr 2004

we have been friends with martin and helen for years she his blonde and good looking , my wife and helen got on very well and martin and myself liked a drink and a laugh just the same as anyone else . we were invided over to their house for a stay over , the drinks were flowing well and the talk came to sex , helen told us that she liked watching porn and when martin was away she used a vibrator on her self - she also said she like watching girls together which intriged me because my wife always wanted to go with another woman . i went out side for a smoke and i asked my wife if she was up for it , give me a few more drinks and i will be up for anything . so i had a word with martin and he said helen was gagging for a bit of girl on girl action . anyway a porn movie was put on to get us in the mood we all stripped and helen took the lead stroking jills tits , jill was loveing it they kissed and helen started kissing jills body all over she pushed her legs open and started licking out my wife the look on her face was a picture i moved my cock and my wife sucked me nice and slow then asked martin to come closer she the sucked both our cocks while helen was licking my wife out .helen stopped and wanted some cock sucking action and to my amazement jill went down on helen well seing my wife licking another womans pussy was to much for me and a cum i helens face and in her mouth . hellen started shaking and had a great orgasm then she got up and went into the bedroom coming out 5 mins later with a big thick black strap on , she knelt down and ordered my wife to suck the plastic cock which she did i told martin to get behind jill and fuck her which he did , the helen said to jill im going to fuck you with this cock , jill spun around and with little effort the black cock disapeared into my wifes cunt and she was fucking her good and hard me and martin stood either side so jill could suck us both . after a lot more fucking sucking licking and spunking we had a rest and with a twinkle in helens eye she lay down on the floor with martin she still had the strap on on , she was kissing and licking him all over , he was kneeling down in the doggie position and helen was rimming martins arsehole she then got behind him and inserted the black strap on into his arse and started fucking him , i was amazed but fuckin turned on - they had definaly done that a few times martin was loving it , helen told me and jill to come close so we can see her fucking her husband - it was amazing the black cock was sliding in and out with no problem martin asked me and jill to come closer i thought he wanted to lick jills cunt but he didnt . helen said martin wants to suck your cock i didnt know what to say my wife said go on its only fun . so i offered him my errect cock and martin swallowed the lot this was the first time a man had sucked me and he knew what he was doing he sucked and sucked what a seen a husband being spit roasted by hes wife and male friend - anyway i was close to comeing and helen said spunk in the bitches face which a second later i did . i looked over to my wife and she had 3 fingers in her twat wanking like made .helen finished fucking her hubby he came over to me and asked if i would suck him off i agrred only if my wife and helen could help so the girls got eitherside of me and he put his cock in my mouth it was the first time i had everdone anything like that the girls had a suck each but i had had my first taste of cock and i was loveing it the girls left us together i was suck slowly but hard and martin was loveing it my fingers found his arse hole which was still open from his fucking . he was fucking my mouth which made me gag i looked over to my wife and she was wearing the strap on fucking helen up the arse , she was calling her a slut and helen was loving it , i then felt martins cock move then he filled my mouth with spunk and i swallowed the lot .martin thanked me for my first man to man blow job and jill was still fucking helen up the arse i went over and wanked my cock like mad when i spunked i did it all over the girls ......... what a time , were going away together next week i cant wait ...