Written by JC

10 Sep 2005

I was always a bit wild when it came to having a good session, but when i met my current boyfriend something just stopped me from letting him know what i really wanted. And so followed a year of an unfulfilled sex life.

Anyway, we broke up for a week - his choice - and i went over to collect the stuff it'd left at his. Although i didn't want him back, i dressed to impress - high heels, tight jeans, with a sexy see through top and gorgeous underwear (I'm a 32FF so make the most of my beautiful assest)

I went in to collect my stuff, cool as a cuecumber, after a short while i realsied he couldn't stop starring at my tits and arse - i was lounging on his bed on my side, get the picture?

And he started stroking my arse firmly, as he was saying 'I still really fancy you' (this guy very rarely initiated anything with me before and i don't know why, i'm fucking gorgeous). Before i knew it, his mouth was down between my legs sucking at my pussy between the denim, i couldn't believe it, as he only gave me oral a few times when we were going out!

I tried to stop him, playing the ultimate teasing game, saying 'but you don't want me', i stood up taking off my top now completely showing off my gorgeous tits, stroking them 'i've got to play all on my own now...' then i slowly unbuckled my belt threw it on the floor and slid down my jeans (after this i put my high heels back on so i looked like a real fucking porn star up for a dirty fuck)

He really couldn't believe his luck, his once shy, demure gf was a fucking slut!

I crawled onto the bed and straightened up on my knees, 'if you want this dirty slut back, you've got to lick, suck, nibble my pussy...'

And he dove straight down, pulling my white thong aside (i love that) searching my wet pussy with his tongue. I held the back of his head and pushed myself further into him, he groaned so much. 'pleased you're pleasuring me now darling?' His head tilted up as he nodded and smiled, then he brought up his lips and kissed me

'God i taste fucking good!'

It was such a passionate kiss i found myself searching for his cock, which was rock solid. I took it in my mouth, and teased him with my tongue, licking his balls, until i finally took his full length - i made him at least as wet and as horny as i was!

Then he had to have me, he pushed me back on the bed and spoke the first dirty words ever to me 'you're in for it, whether you fucking like it or not you dirty bitch, your cunt needs me'

He forced himself in me at full length, with my legs spread wide in the air, we both looked on as his cock pumped in and out of my pussy - it was so erotic, i couldn't believe the new side i'd seen of him.

Then his hands finally found my breasts, he squeezed my nipples and massaged me, all the while groaning and looking at his cock fucking my cunt.

I could tell he was about ready to come so i ordered he come on me (he came in me later), he pulled out his throbbing cock and sprayed his juice in my mouth and on my breasts then rubbed it it.

'I didn't know you were such a dirty girl', he said, 'how come?'

'That doesn't matter now, lets make up for it again... fuck this dirty bitch again'

And he did.