Written by fitwife

2 Nov 2006

I'd always wanted to go dogging with my wife and harboured that oft held desire to see her get well and truelly shagged by another bloke. Alas she was unwilling.

However, a recent day trip to Wales culminated in a trip to a car park as my wife after a good day out was feeling horny and agreed to a trip back to our youth days and a fumble in the car.

When we found a suitable car park she turned into the passionate sexual thing I knew she can be. I'd hardly pulled on the handbrake and she was kissing me and (my ultimate turn on) opening her legs and gently stroking her own rapidly moistening slit.My cock was bulging and I released it and slowly wanked as she kissed me warmly and moaned.We swapped hand positions and while she slowly pulled my foreskin right down I circled her clit slowly and released her tits from her t-shirt simply by sliding the t-shirt right down.

My heart sank as a pair of headlights flashed across us thinking this would be the end of our session as far as my usually shy wife was concerned. Quite the contary as the car in question pulled up directly opposite us and discretely turned off the headlights my wife whsipered "let's give them a show" and got out the bloody car!!!

Feeling a bit of a plank to be honest with my raging hard on poking through my zipper I got out and found my wife lay on the bonnett, tits out and knickers to one side masturbating...wow! kneeling down I took over with my tounge and licked her dripping pussy.One hand of hers was squeezing her own nipple, the other circling her clit, one hand of mine squeezing her other boob and the other wanking myslef..."I need to be fucked now!" my wife informed me but before I could oblige a voice behind said "perhaps you'd allow me the pleasure?" and there was the voyeuristic car owner standing there with a good 9 inches on display for us.

My wife practically threw me aside with a single word "watch!" and smiled at the young man which he took quite rightly as a yes and approached the final 5 yards with his dick aimed like a lance at my wife's pussy.

What a turn on watching my wife moan and buck like mad as she fucked this stranger's lights out and even took control..pushing him down onto the mud car park floor and straddling him. I stepped forward and felt the delicious sensation of my quivering cock being licked and sucked and wanked by my wife as she fucked for all her worth...and then the finale..my wife lay back on the bonnett and finsihed herself off with her hand while the stranger and I wanked and spirted our cum all over her.

The bloke said "cheers" and wandered back to his car and drove off leaving us alone.

"Oh my God I'm sorry" said my wife "what have we done?".

I told her we'd not talk about it and just to leave it as a nice memory but I'm hoping for repeat one day!