Written by janeandmartin

8 Dec 2006

jane and I visit swinging clubs every couple of months or so, I thought I would share what happend on our last visit. As usual we started slow having a few drinks and exploring whatever action was around. Once the alchol had taken effect we visited the couples only area where the was only one other couple in there early 50's I would guess. We sat in the cubical opposite allowing them a veiw up Janes skirt. As they didn't respond we thought we would have a little play with each other anyway. Jane had my hard cock out moving her hand up and down my shaft while I played with her wet hole. The other couple just sat watching but no other reaction so we moved into the dark room. I bent Jane over a little and slipped my cock in her, she felt so tight and hot as she always does when we go to these places. Within a couple of mins the other couple came in one either side of us, both having a good feel of my cock slipping in and out of Jane. After a further couple of mins another couple came in and started fucking beside us. The new couple started touching us and soon Jane was sucking the guy off and I was licking the womans wet hole, the older couple again just touched but kept back from the real action. We eventually left and went to one of the upsatirs rooms where Jane laid me down and sucked my cock while one of the single guys was fucking her from behind for all he was worth. Just as we were changing positions I noticed the older couple were at the other end of the room this time undressed, at last. They came over beside us and the guy started wanking his cock near Janes bum, after putting on a condom he took my place pumping his very large cock in her hole whilst his wife sat over my face rubbing her wet fanny in my mouth. I felt the single guy put his legs either side of me and could feel his balls on my chest as she started to lean forward and his cock entered her from behind, so he was fucking her and I licking. Prob because he had just taken his cock out of Jane it only took a few seconds before he pulled out ejaculating loads of hot cum all over my face closly followed by her wet fanny fucking my mouth. I could hear Jane cumming so moved from under and wiped my face before taking over from the guy and we both finished off in our partners hot wet cunts.