Written by jess

4 Nov 2003

So at the age of 38 I’d had my first experience of being shamelessly unfaithful to my husband (not that he knew or would have particularly cared). To be truthful I’d rather frightened myself by my behavior with 2 virtual strangers even though I had known Tony through our Internet liaison, and although I’d vowed to never do it again the guilt was wearing off and I was sub-consciously preparing myself for another encounter.

I’d did something I had always derided and had undergone cosmetic surgery on my breasts to increase their size to 36c from a somewhat droopy 36a. I loved my new breasts and was delighted that I could go out braless I’d always had sensitive, prominent nipples and enjoyed the effect I had on the guys when I went shopping at the supermarket wearing a thin t shirt and my red leather mini. I‘d also had my belly button pierced and a cute little rosebud tattooed on my shaven privates (having that done turned me on so much that I had given the tatooist a blow job in gratitude; much to his surprise)

I was preparing for another encounter, I just could not put out of my mind the delicious sensation of being fucked in the arse whilst sucking off another bloke. the memory remained with me and was drawn upon in those private moments of self-gratification. I was working up to a repeat, tantalizing myself with the pornographic images of having two, one in each hole!

My husband was working away (again!) I’d been shopping and bought myself a pair of high black leather high heeled boots and was parading myself in front of my bedroom mirror, freshly showered and shaved, admiring my naked body and thinking “you don’t look half bad girl” I just followed the urge to repeat my experience. I made myself up, wore my new boots no underwear and a knee length black button through silk dress, you could see the silhouette of my naked form when the sun shone through the thin material I just drove to the woods where Tony had taken me followed the path to the small glade protected by the ring of trees. Unbuttoned my dress to my crotch displaying my thighs sat on grass lit a cigarette and waited.

I didn’t have long to wait, within minutes a guy not too bad looking about 50 began walking nonchalantly around the edge of the glade he didn’t take his eyes off me I exposed my legs to him as far as I dare and played with my nipple through the thin fabric of silk. How obvious did he want me to be?, he seemed still unsure so standing up I undid the remaining buttons on my dress displaying myself to him. I caressed my breasts teasing my erect nipples and ran my fingers through my bald pussy lips. He finally came over I slipped the dress from my shoulders so I stood naked except for my boots, wanton and easy. Some unknown force appeared to be taking over me, I was out of control again and all I wanted was a big hard cock up my arse. I reached for him we didn’t kiss I just wanted his dick. It didn’t disappoint, I went down on my knees and sucked his long hard shaft paying particular attention with my tongue to the large purple helmet. I licked his balls ran my long manicured nails down his spine, I was soaking, his busy fingers played up the insides of my thighs and reached my sodden slit played with my clit as I ground down on his fingers. He went to enter me from behind I adjusted my position and made it clear what I wanted, what I craved, His long hard cock entered my arsehole. I was delirious I wanted to be filled and feel the sensation of the long strokes around the nerve endings I bucked my hips, told him to stay still as I fucked him with my arse teasing his tip with my ring then thrusting the full length.of his cock up me, we kept this up for about 5 minutes and I was playing urgently with my clitty building up an orgasm.

We had a spectator a young kid of about 17 he played with himself as he watched from the edge of the glade. He was enormous, I beckoned him over he came shyly bat first but I was soon sucking his cock whilst having my arse deliciously shafted from behind and after a few minutes I turned around, I wanted to feel the youngsters cock in me. My older companion told him to lie down so I could sit on him that was sensational I was so completely full up; then he put a small phial of pungent liquid under my nose, I inhaled deeply following his instructions and I was floating. The sensation of the cock in my arse seemed multiplied, the older guy entered my sopping pussy with his enormous dong, I was in seventh heaven, my orgasm hit me in a huge wave and I was being fucked sensationally in both holes, it was a feeling I loved, my climax was so deep and hard that I was screaming “Yes! Yes! fuck me, fuck me” at the top of my voice. Then it was all over, they just zipped up and left me like a used rag doll in a heap on the ground. I was still gasping, struggling for breath and still feeling incredibly horny and wanting more cock to replace what had gone, but there wasn’t any. I was completely out of control and all I craved was more cock in my arse.