Written by The Husband

24 Aug 2006

The Beginning

It was our first weekend away on our own for almost 2 years after our first and only child was born. Sex had been rare for somewhile before that too and I felt that is was becoming a chore for her. My wife, Nicole, understandably, was entirely focussed on our baby. It was all natural but I missed our holidays and our nights out. Especially when she would dress up sexily and we'd stay up all night drinking, playing adult games, and talking about erotic stuff.

Nicole is a beautiful woman, 35 years old, but everyone including me, thinks she looks at least 5 or 6 years younger. She's tall with chestnut coloured long straight her that runs to her lower back. Stunning sharp features and beautiful big brown piercing eyes, slim, big tits, and a damned good body. She had always carefully looked after her appearance. What more could a guy want?

We had one or two sexy experiences previously but nothing too serious. Just a little mild exhitionism - very short skirts, see thru tops, see thru bikinis, and a clitoral piercing performed by a female piercer - another story. She told me how wet and horny she was at the time and I have thought about it quite a lot since. All of that was 3+ years ago though and I was definitely sexually frustrated.

We discussed the situation a number of times. We needed a break, a long weekend to rekindle things. We would be dropping off the nipper with a grand parent whilst we went away so would be free to do whatever.

So it all happened a couple of years ago in early October. It was my birthday so it was another good reason to do something special together.

Planning started a month in advance and I booked us into the Lowry hotel, a deluxe suite that wasnt cheap. I booked us in for a friday and saturday night but I also booked us something extra special too but I will explain that later.

We set off first thing on Friday am and went to the trafford centre first of all. We spent a fortune on clothes and underwear. Though we didn't stay all day and checked in at the hotel early afternoon, showered, changed and went out again but this time in the city centre around the shops.

It was great, as my wife modelled all sorts of sexy clothes, coming out of the changing rooms to show me. I bought more sexy outfits& u/wear for her and she was very happy. I had also brought something sexy that I had got from BeCheeky and 1sexynight online. She didn't know about that though.

The store we were in also did bodypiercing and Nicole investigated. She wanted another barbell to replace the one she had through her clitoral hood (vertically) and was looking at the gold ones with real jems. I said that I would buy her the one she liked and she agreed unsurprisingly. We weren't exactly sure what size to get though as there were so many different choices. Different lengths and thicknesses. So she asked the girl behind the desk who suggested letting their piercer have a look to confirm. She added that swapping over the jewelry was free to. Ok, Nicole said and gestured that it was the gold one with the tiny rubys she wanted.

The girl asked us to sit and wait 5 minutes. Eventually the piercer came out of a room and the girl said something and pointed "him" in our direction. He was a youngish guy, maybe 24 or 25, and ushered us into the room. He seemed nice enough, chatty, and very matter-o-fact. He asked Nicole to take off her jeans and underwear then hop on the leather bench. In a shot she did with no questions asked, putting her black lace thong on the table. Nicole laid on her back, legs straight, and narrow tightly trimmed brazilian on display.

Ok, open your legs the guy said, helping her, and positioning her by moving one of her legs. He bent down close, to within inches of her muff, and with a gloved hand and no warning he parted my wife's labia and started fiddling around her clit. He unscrewed the existing barbell and removed it holding it against a rule. He told us the size and asked which one was it that we wanted. I explained. He then nipped out of the room.

My wife looked quite flushed, slightly red in her face. I asked if she was ok? She was fine, just a little hot and bothered she said. She didn't realise it could have been a guy.

The piercer returned. Good news and bad news he said. Good news is that it is the right size (almost) but the bad news is that he needs to autoclave it for sterilisation which will take 30 to 40 minutes. He explained that it was 5mm shorter than the one she had in but said that it would rest better on her clit under her clitoral hood providing much better stimulation as the existing one was too long in his opinion. Nicole said, I am not going to be cumming at work am I if it is more stimulating? He said you might be and smiled!

He put a new pair of gloves on and opened my wifes labia once again, pinching her clitoral hood and clit. Time to put the existing one back in and come back later to change to the new one when its ready. He fiddled for a minute threading the jewelry back through. All done.

The piercer handed my wife her thong and said I think these are yours. Nicole looked embarrassed and slipped the thong back on whilst still on the bench. Jeans then back on and we left for the nearest bar for a quick drink. I was shaking. It was the first time another guy had touched my wifes pussy, as far as I knew, though I was pretty sure. I was very excited but didn't entirely know why.

We had a couple of shorts each at the bar and Nicole confessed to enjoying the attention. She actually said he was cute and she also confessed to being excited. I asked how she meant and she said sexy. She said she was feeling wet and had to go to the loo. I was gobsmacked.

We returned and the piercer was waiting. He ushered us back in and said it was the usual drill. She disrobed nervously, got on the bench and spread her legs as wide as she could. He said that he needed to take out the existing barbell and proceeded to fiddle around before it came off. Nicole's pussy was clearly wet and her clit looked quite red and swollen with the attention. This was turning me on quite a lot knowing that a complete stranger was turning her on.

He fiddled around again with the new jewelry but was struggling to get the lower ball on which was now to be mostly concealed under her clitoral hood since the new bar was a tad shorter. He was inches away from her, head between her legs, pulling up her hood over her clit in an attempt to find the end of the threaded bar. Her tender swollen clit was exposed and it was clear that her excitement had made things difficult.

He paused for a minute and said that he was struggling. He told her that because her clit had become "engorged" there wasn't much room for the ball. He was very matter of fact and didn't seem the least bothered. My wife told him she was feeling quite aroused and she was really sorry but she couldn't help it. He said don’t worry about it, it sometimes happens when someone is messing with your genitals!

I could feel my erection in an uncomfortable position in my pants and fidgeted around a bit to try and straighten it out.

The piercer asked me if I would mind helping out and handed me some gloves. He directed me to hold open my wife's labia whilst he reattempted to screw the ball on again. This time it was easier and he sorted it within about a minute though Nicole's clitoris was still swollen and erect.

Next, he held a mirror up against my wife's pussy to seek her approval of her new body ornament. He parted her lips and she approved. He also lifted her hood with a finger exposing the lower ball. He said that it rests right on top of her clit now and pushed the ball gently side to side to demonstrate. Ooooh, that's nice she said. He wasn't phased and told her that she was going to enjoy it better than the old one. He then asked if he could take a photo for his portfolio. We agreed and he did, parting her lips one last time to take a couple of shots.

When we got back to the hotel we had the best sex we had ever had. It was fantastic. She had more than a half dozen orgasms in the space of an hour. Even when our sex life was good it was two or three at the most. I was helping her re-live the experience from earlier as we made love and this was no doubt the reason. Plus her new toy of course!

Hear about te Photoshoot in Part 2