Written by The Husband

24 Aug 2006

The Shoot

That night Nicole had dressed up in some of the sexy gear we had bought that day. She looked glamorous and sexy. She wore a long black dress with a split right up the middle almost to the top. She had modelled it prior to purchase that day and she looked sexy then, but now, makeup and hair done, she was looking sensational. The front of her dress was open right down to her lower, and perfect, stomach. It tied around her neck and showed a lot of dark "false tanned" flesh. It was similar at the back, open, dropping down to her ass crack. She had complained that she had no bra tape to stick the dress onto her 34DD breasts but I didn't want any. Gaping open would do just fine.

We drank all night after going for a nice Italian meal and sharing a bottle of wine. She was really horny all night. She had rubbed me up under the table and had flashed (purposely and accidentally) the black and red semi open crotch g string I had bought her from becheeky online. Needless to say we had good service from the young waiters who got lucky now and again with a flash!

Whilst in quite an exclusive bar on Deansgate she told me how turned on she was from the piercer. She was drunk now and was losing her inhibitions. I asked if she had wanted him to go down on her but she said ofcourse not. As we chatted her nipple was poking out from her dress that she had previously been constantly adjusting. I didn't let on until eventually she noticed it for herself. She thought it was funny that people had been getting an eyeful.

With her legs crossed you could see her open string undies and perfectly waxed brazilian through the high split in her dress. She told me that she was soaking wet and that the new barbell was constantly arousing her. I moved around a little closer and gave her a cuddle. She was looking really flushed.

I told her that I had surprise in store for the morning but didn't know if she would like it. It was an erotic photoshoot at a professional studio for the two of us and that it would capture our youth. I showed her the website on my PDA mobile phone. It looked very glam and professional. she asked what was involved and I explained. As I was telling her about how she would be naked and in sexy poses she seemed to be getting quieter and quieter. I showed her some examples from the man and wife team. An oily hunk was stroking his 9 incher whilst sparks were flying from the sides of the image and a woman was on all 4s with pussy showing slightly. Then, out of the blue, she let out a muffled noise. She had her first ever spontaneous orgasm and started kissing me with passion. This was brilliant. She told me that she had to go to the loo and quickly disappeared.

She said that was incredible and that the thought of doing a shoot and the pics really turned her on. Adding that she was up for it. We both wanted sex now and we walked back to the hotel. It was a long walk so within 5 minutes we had had sex down a side street on the way back. We fucked against a wall with her cuming again as soon as my member entered her.

The next morning I had to remind her about the photoshoot and she wasn't overly keen. I'd paid 300 notes already so didn't want to waste it. I told her that she should check it out at least and in the worst case she could just watch me have my pics taken if she wasn't up for it. She agreed, we packed some outfits, and underwear, and we got a taxi.

The studio was on the outskirts of Manchester and was a large converted house with 3 sets taking up most of downstairs. One was chic/modern with leather sofas and velvets, one industrial with work benches and tools, and one sort of victorian with a four poster and lots of lace. It looked like a lot of money had been spent. Lights and camera equipment were all over the place. We were welcomed by Tom and Ally (not their real names) and given a glass of champagne. I could see that Nicole was impressed. Tom and Ally were both in there mid 40s and an average looking couple though both seemed in good shape.

We had a half hour consultation first of all where they asked us lots of questions about themes and types of image. We didn't have any specific answers just a general feeling but they said not to worry, as they had some ideas. More champagne was supplied and the talk got onto what we were comfortable with and what we weren't. I said that full nude is ok for me when it comes to the couple shoot. Nicole said she would see how she felt since after all she would be on her own to start off with. I knew that the studio did do shots on the hardcore side but these were definitely off the menu for my wife I suspected.

We were asked to show them what we brought to wear and they were more than satisfied. Especially as we had a suitcase full of stuff plus a suit holder.

Tom explained that he would be taking Nicole for her shoot whilst Ally would tend to make up before hand and occassionally during it too.

I looked through some portfolios whilst Nicole chatted to Tom, holding up various outfits and sexy underwear. I overheard Tom suggesting which underwear and picking out a dress.

Ally led Nicole away to do her make-up and hair. Over half an hour passes by before they returned but in the meantime I had some more to drink and discussed the shoot further with Tom.

He told me what a stunning looking woman Nicole was and how getting some good erotic portraits would be relatively very easy. He asked about what she would be prepared to do solo as she had been non-commital. I had no idea but ventured the experience the other day regarding her new piercing jewelry and how horny she had been. I wanted some hard shots, with plenty of pink but not too porno and a little still left to the imagination. Ok he said, lets see how it goes then, we should be able to do quite a bit with the lighting to aid with suggestion. Tom reached within a cupboard and removed a red leather bound gold leafed album. He showed me some pics explaining the techniques used within each picture. The woman in the pictures was very attractive and seemed familiar. I got it. These were of his partner Ally. She was nearly nude, looking exceptional, and the shots were turning me on. In one or two she was playing with her self but you couldn't quite make out the details of her pussy because of the shadows. The erotic nature of these pics hit home with a bang as in the last one she was laid back licking a male models cock end. A dribble of pre-cum and saliva connecting the end of her tongue to a bulging foreskinless purple head like a lifeline. I almost missed the bottom of the picture too, I was so shocked. Her legs were spread and the male model's hand was holding a vibrator against her pussy. In all probability it looked like it was inside her. I asked if he was jealous or apprehensive at all when she had the pictures taken. Not at all he said, after all, he directed and photographed that particular shoot. He added that just as I found my wife's piercing a turn on he did with this. Besides he said that is just one of about 60 pictures.

I was beginning to wonder whether they were swingers or something. I wasn't really worried though as they seemed professional enough and their studio / house was very plush.

Nicole and Ally returned and my wife looked amazing. Ally had done a fab job with her makeup and hair. Nicole was wearing the barely butt length dark grey wool and lycra dress I had bought. It was fully covered at her front but open back. It clung to her body like cellophane, moulded around every curve and her more than amble breasts, raising slightly on her nipples - definitely no bra.

I told her how good she looked and how good Ally's skills were.

The shoot started fairly sedately. Different poses, sat on chairs, at the dresser, and so on. Tom directed her and she seemed to be enjoying herself. It started to get erotic when she was laid on her front on the bed pretending to read a magazine. Tom asked her to hitch her dress up a little so he could see her knickers. Another shot followed with her laying on her back, arms outward, and one leg up. You could see her Lola Luna black, silver, and red delicately embroidered g string with little roses on it and a flash of metal in her pants.

Finally, after a few more shots she was asked to pull her dress down to reveal her tits. You've got great tits love, push em out, and show em to me Tom said. I nearly choked on my champagne. She did as she was told, pert nipples and all. The last shot consisted of her dress being pulled up whilst she squatted down, legs wide apart, and flicking her nipples - just as Tom had asked!

They are fantastic pictures by the way. I hope to share them one day.

Nicole was asked to change outfits again and disappeared once more with Ally carrying more champers.

She returned wearing a pink and black satin basque with matching micro thong. More arousing shots followed too many to mention. The best of the bunch were one on all fours from behind and one where Tom had asked her to pull her knickers to one side to show some "pink". Tom said I love your piercing, I love it, now put your finger over it as though you're masturbating for us! This was really great, my wife was being told to masturbate! She had always denied having ever masturbated ironically with one exception.

About an hour and half had elapsed by now and we took a break. Belgium Chocolates brought out by Ally whilst Tom adjusted some lighting whilst this was happening. I mentioned to Ally that I thought her photos were fantastic. She thanked me for being so polite and opened the book for Nicole who was asking if she could take a peek. Nicole's eyes widened when she saw the one with the male stripper. He's a hunk she said, I bet you were really turned on, she asked Ally. Oooh that’s an understatement Ally said, let me show you some more. She disappeared for a minute returning with another album. She flicked through to a shot where this guy has two fingers in her spread pussy whilst licking her clit. She closed the album before Tom came back over. My wife said that Tom must really love her to let her have sexual contact with another guy. Tom overheard and chirped up that he did as he approached.

The talk continued and it turned out that Tom and Ally had done a few shoots involving Ally, and other men AND women. My wife was intrigued and kept asking questions.

Time to continue with the shoot. Tom brought out a tiny leather thong from a bag and handed it to Nicole. He also gave her what looked like a belt and told her that it was a bra of sorts. He said put these on, they’re clean and put these boots on - size 6 to 7 feet I guess he said? They were those skin tight black leather boots that go over the knees.

Nicola stripped there and then and put them on. She looked very erotic in a bdsm kind of way. She twirled around to show us. Before we knew it she was lent over backwards over a workbench and was riding an anvil. The thin leather thong was riding up into her crotch and her piercing protruding as a small bump. The leather strap wrapped around her chest only half covered her nipples, squashing her boobs Jodie Marsh style. Tom told us what he was trying to achive throughout all of the shoot and actually whipped her bare ass with a flail of some description later on to make her butt cheeks a little red he said. I was quite shocked but Nicole seemed to be loving it, yelping in jest at each whip. Tom was also getting a little more touchy feely moving her legs and body around and at one point adjusting her thong with a finger when some "lip" was showing. The finale of this part of the shoot involved Nicole removing her belt bra whilst Tom tugged her thong down so the top of it was half way down her slit. He had her lay arching over backwards over a pile of car tyres whilst he poured honey over her tits and partly exposed slit, snapping away as he did this.

We were all really enjoying this by the look of things and we had another break for more drinks. Nicole removed the thong and dried herself standing naked next to us all not in the least bit embarrassed. She told us she was really turned on and that she was struggling to keep dry if you know what I mean she said. Ally said not to worry and guaranteed that we would have the best sex tonight so far just like they did after the first male model shoot with Ally. She added that it might be an idea to get a shower before we do the last solo shoot to remove the tyre marks and sticky honey if anything else. Ally took her away with some underwear she selected (Ally told Tom that she wanted to choose this time especially since they were partners in this). Ally and Nicole returned 10 minutes later.

Whilst they were away Tom asked if she had any toys. I didn't know what he meant at first. He pulled out a selection from a cabinet. Various dildos and vibrators now lined the table. All sizes, all colours, all shaps. I felt embarrassed and a little worried that Nicole would draw the line or take offence or something. She only ever once used vibrator to get off which was when we were having a break from one another early on in our relationship and even then she told me she felt ashamed. I explained this to Tom and he didn't seem concerned. He said that we wouldn't be going heavy with them and best to choose one rather than scare her with this vast selection . I picked a small thin silver one as I knew it would be less threatening and similar to the one she used to have but only used the once. He put the rest away.

When Nicole came back she was wearing a pearl g string. Another designer thing bought the day before that consisted of a black lace waist band and a string of pearls for the crotch that ran from above the pussy to the back above her bum. She had no bra on but was carrying a see thru black sheet.

Tom directed her once more - this time having her lay down in various poses adjusting the sheet on her body. The pearls had disappeared into her now soaking pussy and at one point. Ally swabbed tissue around Nicole's pussy to dry things up a little. Ally even applied a cold gel to erect Nicole's nipples even more than they were. She circled them gently and told us it wss a trick of the trade. I was ready for a 4sum and had stopped trying to hide my erection.

Tom adjusted her pearls too, pulling them out of her pussy by tugging them gently from the back. She was soaking wet again. Tom encouraged her to pull on the pearl crotch chain and tug it back and forth before having her pretend to masturbate her clit. Thing was, she wasn't pretending. She was all hot and bothered again.

When Tom passed her the vibrator she didn't flinch and just put it straight in her mouth, simulating oral. Tom clicked away. She turned the bottom of it - switching it on - then she inserted it in her fanny letting out a loud moan. Holy christ this was beyond my wildest dreams.

Tom and Ally were both encouraging my wife to continue. Go on girl, said Ally. In a frenzy she thrust the silver bullet in and out of her flesh arching her back on the bed. Then WhAM!!! She screamed the place down from what must have beena g spot orgasm. Ally clapped, Tom kept taking more pics, and Nicole was still making barely audible pleasurable whimpering sounds. One of these pics captured the exstacy & orgasmic expression on her face beautifully.

Nicole was exhausted. Flushed and her face was bright red. She said to Tom, when she got up, that she hoped the film turns out. He said its all digital and we can review them later. Nicole wrapped a towel around herself after being handed one from Ally.

It was getting very late and I couldn't believe how quick the time had gone. We had been there over 3 hours in total now. Tom said that they would be struggling to fit the couple shoot in and do it properly, as it should be. He wasn't a fan of rushing jobs. He said the best bet would be to review the photos and explain what and where they would be retouching on the computer. We thought it sounded sensible especially my wife who said she could do with rest as she was getting a mild headache. Ally took her off for another shower whilst Tom uploaded the pics to the computer. It was a pretty sophisticated set up with a huge TFT panel display.

Eventually we went through the superbly stunning photos, showed us some image processing tricks, paid, said our goodbyes, and suggested coming back after Christmas for the couple shoot. We would be in touch in any case since we were being provided with a CD and needed to select 20 images to be printed for an album.

I was a little disappointed that I couldn't have taken part on the day but I knew that it was for the best.

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