Written by suckuwell

7 Dec 2006

I was getting into cock after a time with women and blimey can you get some without much effort. I was taking a trip to bologna italy and thought i'd set up some meets there before i went. In the chat room I found an italian guy called daniel and he was keen to try my blow job technique. I got to Bolgna and freshened up in my room and set off for the sauna. Boy was I nervous having never been to one before. I got there and was surprised to see that it wasnt seedy at all but more like a club with some guys naked or in towels. I couldnt see anyone looking out for me so I tentatively went into the auna and stood in what was total darkness aclimatising my eyes. There didnt seem to be much happening but as my eyes got better I could see a space into anothetr part of the sauna. I put my head in still not seing much and there was some real heavy breathing. Well there were about 6 guys all intertwined sucking and fucking the lot- One guy was fucking the arse of another while he sucked on yet another guy. I sat on the bench and soon a guys cock appeared in fron to of me and so i started to suck. before he finished he was off to get involved with another. After a while the group left and so i went to the bar for a drink. 2 guys sat at the bar and a gorgeous guy said are you ..... Yes i replied. I'm Daniel he said this is Claudio my bf. He wasn;t so good looking and left and said to Daniel enjoy yourself. I asked why he had left and he said he never played with anyone else but he didnt mind if he did. You still want that BJ i said, yes he nodded. We headed of to tye sauna room again. Chatting he told me he was the guy who was fucking earlier. I sat down and he stood in front of me. I used my tongue and suck technique and he was enjoying himself. Another guy came behind him and started stroking his arse and chest. Fairly soon I felt the shaft grow and the warm sweeet cum hit the back of my throat. I liked it clean and he left without speaking. The guy who had been touching him then entered my mouth and i sucked him. Unlike daniel he was pushing back and forward fucking my face. Soon he was filling my mouth with another load of nice italian cum. When he finishes i went to the bar again and chatted to Daniel and his bf as if we were long lost mates. I visited that sauna every day of my 3 day trip and enjoyed lots more cock and cum.