Written by Jan

29 May 2006

So, after cousin Bill, it was Aunt Paulines friends.

She took me out to a local bar that she sometimes went to, she'd told me to dress to thrill, so I had on a white lacy bra under a sheer black blouse (stating the obvious or what) a matching white thong, my ample midriff was open to all & I wore a low waisted pair of jeans, so the guys could see my thong, all finished off with a pair of stylish black stillettos.

Once in the bar, we sat at a table & most of the clientelle seemed more Paulines age, she leant across to whisper that though they're knocking on a bit, there are some impressive members waiting for action.

A few guys come over & bring drinks, we laugh & talk gets a little smutty,I ensure that they know I'm wearing a thong, as I frequently have to bend down to pick up some loose change, the guys have cottoned on as they are now throwing change for me to pick up.

But just to make sure, I undo my jeans & let most of my arse hang out.

I then go to the loo & remove my bra, when I re enter the bar, I am joined by eight of the guy's, they come to our table & make it clear that they like the look of my newly freed tits.

Well so they should, they are huge & (according to hubby) gorgeous. they try to get close, they reach across me, their arms brushing against my tits. I tell them that I'm heading home, Are they coming?

I don't need to tell you the amswer, we head back to Paulines, eight horny old guy's in tow, the minute we are through the door, my blouse is ripped off, & my tits are being mauled, as we go into the apartment my jeans are pulled off along with my thong, these guys are as subtle as a brick, I get thrown on the bed & immediately a very large cock is rammed into ny cunt, ok I was wet'n' ready, but no foreplay, the next cock is pushed down my throat whilst I have two others put into my hands, once the first guy shoots his come into me I am taken up the arse, thenanother fills my wet cunt & starts pounding, what is amazing is the size of these guys, not one under 9inch & they hurt, boy do they hurt but it sure feels good, it's in the middle of these guys fucking me that hubby calls, it's all I can do to speak as another sprays his load over my tits & face, for five hours these guys take turns with me & they were to do so over the next three weeks, I was their toy.

I also noticed a couple of the younger ones fucking aunties cunt sore as well, again for most days & nights during the duration of my stay.

I know the boys took lots of pictures, so, if you read this you bastards, let me have copies, cos I want to humiliate my sad hubby.....


If anyone with a hard cock, wants to get in touch

Please do

Wet & very willing cunt ready