Written by Frank k

24 May 2006

It has been about three months since my last interview I was called in to give a update on how things were going.

The lady (Mary) taking the interview was in her fiftys it was a Friday evening this was her last meeting before going home after taking down all the details the conversation went on to what she was doing over the week-end

Mary told me she was devorced with two children and was having a quite break at home

I ask Mary did she want to go for a drink before going home to which she said yes after a few drinks Mary invited me back to her place were the fun started

The kids were staying at thier Fathers for the week-end

When we arrived back at the house Mary went up for a bath poored some wine when Mary shout bring me up glass entering the bath room what a sight this body lieing in the clear water dark hair around the pussy 36D tits just above the water after handing over the glass she said are you coming in beside me

Removing my clothes in two seconds and my prick standing to attension one leg in the bath she sat up taking my prick in her mouth fucking hell she sucked and sucked putting her finger up my arse saying fuck me you fucker reching down putting my fingers in her pussy creamie or what

We left the bath still wet and went to the bed room lying on the bed 69 posintion sucking and licking with her cream all over my mouth she said fuck me fuck me

Kneeling on all fours I fuck her doggy style banging my balls against her arse sliding me finger in and out her asre cock banging her pussy then came the 6 million dollar questing do you want to fuck my arse taking my cock from her pussy I drove it into her arse it was tight what a feeling her calling me a horny fucker me banging away not long before I was shooting my load into her arse for the next few minutes we lying on the bed sipping wine and Mary licking me cock clean

After lying about for about ten minutes the door went Mary put on her top and bottoms went to the door I could hear her talking and the door shuting Mary shouted up Its only my friend Jean my thoughts went to jackpot three in a bed

that story will follow