Written by Karen

13 Jun 2005

I wrote a litte while ago about my husband persuading me to go dogging.That was on 24 May. For those of you who don't know Iam in my mid 30s, I would describe myself as petite with a decent bust. That night had really turned me on and we set off for the dogging site taking my long coat with us. It was still light when we arrived and under Pete's guidance I stripped everything off except my stockings and put on my long coat. I felt very nervous and looked around to see other cars parked some empty some occupied but far enough away not to have seen my quick change. We waited for a while then Pete sugested we go for a walk in the woods as twilight was falling. I reached for my clothes and he put his hand on mine and said 'Why not go as you are?' I shivered in anticipation and got out of the car walking into the woods with my husband hand in hand. We followed the trodden paths through the undergrowth to find a fallen tree which we sat on for a while. I had a feeling of being watched but could see no one. Presently Pete started to kiss me and slid his hand inside my coat. His caress on my breasts felt good and he was opening my coat. I closed my eyes as I groped for his cock finding him rock hard. A branch cracked and I part opened my eyes to see that two young guys were watching us. I put one to be early 20's and the other mid to late 20's. I felt deliciously excited and vunerable at the same time as they moved closer. Pete opened my coat wide allowing them to see everything. My breasts are fairly firm and my nipples were now prominent while my shaven pussy began to feel damp.

Both guys had opened their zips and had their cocks out and were playing. THe younger guy had a very big one. It was long but very thick and they were very close indeed. I looked at Pete and he smiled saying 'Wherever you draw the line is fine'. Now they were close enough to touch me. Tentatively they both reached out to feel my legs then my breasts. I took a cock in each hand and then Pete slipped off my coat to allow easy access to my entire body. It was a fantastic feeling having 3 men run their hands and explore and caress. I was soon moaning with pleasure as they found my clitty finding ways to share, Each man's touch was different. I was guided back to the fallen tree and leant back on it as my thighs were parted for one tongue after another. I came several times before taking it in turns to suck them and really explore their cocks and balls. It was quite dark by now and the only noises were the odd stifled murmer or moan of pleasure. I was really far gone and wishing we had brought condoms with us when Pete showed me a pack. I was turned around to put my hands against the log which had my coat over it and Pete spread my legs offfering a condom to the guy with the smaller cock. He put it on as his friend moved round to my head so that I could suck him. I took his thickness in my mouth and then felt myself being entered. This was not a small cock, in fact it was bigger than Pete's and I was made aware of that as he pushed in from behind, his hands holding my thighs as he pulled me onto it. Once he was right in he began with slow thrusts holding my breasts sometimes and my thighs others. his friend also held my dangling globes as they moved in time with the thrusts. I came going absolutely rigid and moaning as wave over wave swept over me. He was hugely excited and thrusting furiously into me his thighs making slapping noises against my bum until I felt him begin to throb. I tightened my muscles to make him cum harder and felt him throb deeply in my as he jetted into the condom. He pulled slowly out taking off the condom and puting it in a tissue and in his pocket. The other guy came around with a condom in place and began to enter. Despite the pounding I had just taken he was stretching me as inch by thick inch he pushed it home. He took hold of my thighs and began to thrust hard and rapidly and then slowly using the full length of his cock. I came pretty quickly but he was able to hold on to me through another 2 orgasms before the thirs sent him over the top squirting and pumping into the condom inside me. He pulled out and stood back. I turned around on wobbly legs as both guys kissed me and said theur goodbyes and expressed their thanks.

We were left alone and Pete moved me back to the log sying he wanted to experience what they had just had. He entered me in a single movement and very soon he was cumming into my wet pussy.

Slowly we walked back to the car exhausted but very satisfied.