Written by Pompey

28 Oct 2005

This is what can happen when you get turned on by the thought of watching your wife/girlfriend being fucked by someone else.

I live in Portsmouth and this is what happened when I told my girlfriend Karen about my fantasy of seeing her sucking off another bloke !

Karen used to go out with a bloke called Keith before she met me, she told me he was an arrogant wanker who treated her like shit, but she also revealed he had a huge cock, and certainly knew how to use it ! She left him but always kept on about him !

When she was drunk (most nights) she would bang on about him making her cum about 5 times a night, in the end it started to turn me on, and I used to get her to ride me telling me about his huge cock and how I was simply not as big or good, this would really get me going

Eventually I made the mistake of telling her to bring him over to shag her in our house.

She was not keen as he had treated her really badly, but I knew she was desperate for his cock again.

Eventually she phoned him saying she needed to discuss something and he agreed to meet her at his house to discuss her “problem”.

She went to meet him about 8 that night and returned about 2 hours later.

At first she was a little quiet,but eventually told me he was now married (3 weeks ago) but wasn’t worried about that, as his wife worked evenings in a supermarket.

She told me she was so turned on discussing the possible sex at our house that she simply went down on her knees in his house and sucked his cock until he shot straight down her throat !

He had to kick her out as him wife was due home early that night at 10, but agreed to pop around our house Sunday afternoon after he had been up the pub, he told her she should dress in her black high-heels and stockings and that he would only agree to this, if we both allowed him to do what he wanted.

I wasn’t too sure what this meant but agreed as I was really tuirnrd on by the thought of watching Karen been shaggesd senseless !

Sunday came and we heard nothing until around 3.30 whan a Red Porsche turned up outside (his car) and out he came, unbelievably his best mate Del was with him. I knew Del as he was a Doorman in the city centre in one of the pubs I used to go.

Keith walked staright in and was clearly pissed, as was Del, they both started laughing as Keith knew Karen hated Del from when they used to go out.

However he also knew Del was built like a Brick shithouse was about 18 stone of solid muscle and fancied Karen like hell !

They closed the door dropped their trousers and said come on “slag” get to work !

Karen who was in Bra Knickers and Heels looked at me but I said come on this is what I want !

She told Del there was no way she was doing anything, not with him in the room, I think that was until she saw his knob, which must have been 10” long with the biggest bell end ever seen, he simply started to gently wank the huge member and said Kaz suck my cock you know you want it !

She simply undid her bra and started to wank his huge cock before putting the giant bell end in her mouth.

Ian your grlfriend is a fucking slag mate, and I’m going to take her up the arse said Keith as he started to finger her fanny and bum.

Tell him you want me Kaz he shouted, tell him you love my knob !

“I love Keith’s cock I want both of them to shag me senseless”, I am a fucking whore she shouted as Keith started to go “hammer and tongs “up her rear end

For the next 2 hours she was fucked in every way you can think , both of them had her fanny, arse and mouth she was spit roasted and loved every minute.

Del evenmade her tounge his arse which she seemed to enjoy !

Around 2 hours later it all stopped, I had wanked myself 3 times and shrivelled up, whilst the lads were pretty knackered.

Karen was literally “shagged” however they suggested we all go down the local pub, which we did after a quick shower. and by 9 that night she was out in the gents sucking off Del, whist he videoed it on his Mobile, so he show his mates.

Since that night both of thenm come around when they want, almost when they want, Del wants to arrange for Karen to be gangbanged by a group of the bouncers at our house.

Whilst Keith keeps getting Karen to go around his house on a Thursday evening when his wife is out, dress in her clothes and let him fuck her !

He oftens often pops in the house when he is meant to be working on his job with the railway and has Karen suck him off !

Last week she went in to his work and had sex with Keith and his young black appentice who now also has started to visit at will

Her sex life has never been better, while I must wank myself about 20 times a week.

4 months ago she only wanted me, now she has 3 cocks fucking her every week, and seems to be lined up for more.

She has gone on holiday with Keith and Del this wek to Tenerife, she has just sent me a photo of her in bed with the 2 of them and another 3-4 blokes covered in cum,

When she gets back she says she wants to go dogging with Del !!!