Written by Zerofarenheit

22 Mar 2006

My name is Linda,Id recently been at an out of bounds course at Windemere and on the second night when everyone else had gone to camp in the fells I stayed back at the hotel for a relaxing evening. Ive always been faithful to my partner and he always satisfied me sexually with his ability to satisfy me nightly with his tongue followed by two minutes of frantic shagging. I had never any intention of betraying this relationship however secretly I had on occasions seen movies of well hung black men and I guess always wished to see if these movies were true.

On this particular day I had met another young teacher from Newcastle called Vince who was from Kenya. We had met during the day in the white river rafting and we had got on well and decided to meet for a drink and a bite to eat while everyone else was away camping.He had worn very brief trunks and even in the cold water it appeared he had a coiled snake concealed.

Whilst having a drink in the bar I couldn’t help but notice how well endowed Vince appeared to be, it was almost like he had a courgette shoved down the inside of his right thigh.

After a bar supper Vince had asked if I would like to come back to his room for a quick nightcap but I declined.However as we walked up stairs and we reached my room he gave me a very quick goodnight kiss. As our lips briefly touched I felt something throb against my pussy through my light dress.As looked down I couldnt help but notice signs of an enormous erection.

Inside the room I lay at the edge of the bed as Vince removed his clothing. His erect cock was at least 17 inches long but very thin and he had balls like cricket balls. I lay back on his bed as he lifted my dress and removed my pants. He then ran his long rough tongue deep into my pussy and caressed my clitoris bringing me to a massive screaming orgasm.

As I lay with my eyes shut Vince began to enter my warm moist pussy slowly and gently inch by inch. I screamed as I now felt pleasure deeper than I could have ever imagined.When his enormous balls hit the inside of my thighs I realised that every inch of his enormous erection was inside me and we moved together rhythmically until I felt the surge of cum deep inside me.

We spent the rest of the night together and I lay in awe next to Vinces large cock which still remains fresh in both my mind and inside me.

After this I never saw Vince again.