Written by screwdriver films

29 Mar 2005

I always wanted two guys at once - just wanted the experience once and I can tell you I got it! It was a hot summer and we were having a new kitchen fitted and Mick was hunky blond 22 and his smaller mate Lou was Greek about 30. I was nøt having sex with my husband as there were problems and the company was thrilling. I watched Mick with his bandsaw and Louis screwing away and I never dreamed I would be lucky enough to receive their cocks in both ends. I wanted two cocks but actually only fancied Mick , in fact I could have fallen for him and I decided to chat him up. WEll he got precious little work done and after an hour chatting in the sunny secluded garden it was clear nothing would get done until we had a all despunked. The tension was amazing and when at last I drew Mick into my bedroom he was spellbound by my shocking pink bikini and large Dolly parton tits.

I think Lou being the boss thought he would get first go at me but I was already on Mick actually deep kissing but stripped off with my open cunt dribbling behind me. So Lou took my cunt from behind while me and Mick probed tongues. Lou dicked in and out of my hole quite a lot , stopped for a while, wiped his cock and even went for a cuppa....and came back to find his mates ass humping up and down into me like a steam train. My whole body was on fire with spunk fever and yet I could see Lou looking at his watch. We were slippery with cum and sweat and did not want to separate but I knew it made sense to offer my arse to Lou before he blew the whistle. so the Greek parted my buttocks to find my cunt which strangely pointed backwards like a bitch hole for him and he had his oats again over and over until he balls were emptied and his dirty mind was fulfilled. Mick and I then went into a rapturous sixty nine and Lou allowed us half an hour more. It took 2 weeks to install a rather small kitchen but they put it down to the complicated plumbing!!!!