Written by repsue

14 Aug 2006

I am a 31 year lady rep working for a healthfood company, I travel up and down the motorway spending 4 nights a week away from home. I found this site one night alone in my hotel room and have decided to share some of my experinces with you.

I am single but have a boyfriend who I only get to see at weekends he knows nothing about what I get up to which part of me loves and part of me would like to tell him so we can share the experience. My most recent is a typical inceident in the life of a lonely rep.

I had to go to manchester last week the plan was to drive up after my london appointments check into a hotel ready fro a 9am meeting next day. I hit the Birmingham toll road at about 9pm and for those that know it it was virtually empty. I drove along day dreaming imagining being licked and fingered by my boyfriend and hitched my skirt so I could rub the front of my knickers teasing myself on the journey.

I was getting quite into it and had my hand inside my panties and had two fingers deep in myself when I became aware of a 4x4 on my inside line ( Ihad been driving in the middle lane totally oblivious) I looked acroos expecting to see a load of abuse for lane hogging instead it was a woman about 40 years of age well kept and smiling with her thumbs up.

I immediatly took my hand out of my knickers but she waved at me to continue, so I did. We drove side by side at about 40mph me frigging myself and I guess her doing the same I couldnt see because she was too high but her face told a whole story.

I puleed into the service station and she followed me, I parked in the corner and she came round and got in, where you going she asked in a scottish accent manchester I replied follow me then she replied as she lent forward kissed my neck and pluged her fingers into my my soaking pussy.

I had an orgasm there and then.

I followed her alomg the motorway until we got to a hotel just on the outskirts of manchester airport, I followed her in she went to recpetion checked in got a key and said come on.

We got in the lift kissed paaionatly all the way to the 4th floor fondling and pulling at eachothers clothes, by the time we got out half my buttons were undone and bra exposed and my pussy sopping wet.

We got in the room and literally threw off our clothes we 69ed frenzidly bring eachother to orgasm after orgasm until after about an hour we came up for air. Hi I'm sandra she said , sue pleased to meet you I replied.

I need a cock sandra said, me too and we both laughed as it was clear neither one of us was a lesbian but clearly loved pussy from time to time.

we ordered room service and met the guy delivering food

more to follow...