Written by Janie

20 Jul 2004

I used to go out with a copper who introduced me to many 'firsts'. My first bondage session, my first swallowing session and my first threesome. He was average looking in civvies but in a uniform he was damn hot and he knew it. Handcuffs, truncheons, caps you name it I revelled in it. I loved being 'arrested' and punished.

One rainy afternoon we were in bed together and he asked me to sit on top. He used to love my tits being rubbed in his face and he would always playfully spank me just to wind me up. I had just edged my way down to his waiting cock having rubbed my tits against his hairy chest when he commanded me to get back and sit on his face. ' I beg your pardon ?' I asked ..... this was a first. 'I want you on my face' he said. I thought momentarily and as he looked me in the eye I knew this was what he wanted. I shimmied my way towards him and just as I got near to his face his tongue darted out like a lizard to bring me nearer. I positioned myself just above him and just before I lowered myself onto him he breathed his warm breath over my pussy. Hmmmmm I began to buzz with anticipation. He ran his tongue up and down my pussy lips and then faster as I moaned with pleasure. He pulled my hips down onto his face and he disappeared into my mound his tongue searching for my clit. I couldn't help but grind myself onto him. He felt so damn good.

My nipples were hard and erect and I felt him nibbling my lips and gently teasing my clit. I was in seventh heaven it was incredible. I glanced down at him and could see he was glistening with my juices and he wasn't stopping there. All of a sudden as I was enjoying the moment he started to suck long and hard on my clit - this always drives me wild and just as I was beginning to lose myself I felt his finger around my ass. Jeez that was something. I was so wet and slippery I hardly felt him when he managed to poke a finger up there. I was so turned on and afraid of losing it that I began to moan and plead with him to fuck me.

He stopped sucking my clit and I couldn't resist rubbing my pussy up and down his chin stubble. That felt so good I had to do it again.... He grabbed my hips and again pulled me into position on his face this time sucking me licking me teasing me and then finger fucking me. I was finding it real hard to keep still and any thoughts of suffocating him had gone clean out of the window. Sucked finger fucked and wet and slippery and all over his face this was too much. I was loving it. Then we made eye contact. (Guys trust me this is so horny for women.) He looked up at me despite having his mouth and his hands full and started to quickly bite nibble and suck my clit which sent me crazy I couldn't hold back any longer and had to give in to the feeling that he was controlling. He held me in place on his face as I let go and moaned and bucked and I almost cried as the feeling was so intense. He watched every expression as I came and didn't stop until I begged him. His face was soaking. We snogged immediately afterwards and I tasted myself on his lips which was very horny. Just as I was floating away in a relaxed post sexual feeling he grabbed me turned on my stomach and with my ass in the air he fucked me doggy style- so hard my tits were slapping in my face with each thrust. I was in no position to argue. He fucked me and banged me with such intensity it wasn't long before he lost it.

Within seconds he let go and I hung on to his cock as best I could as he came inside me. I was so wet and turned on that the smack on my ass soon brought me to my senses. He just had to assert control no matter what.

My clit was swollen for days afterwards. Sitting at work with a delicate throbbing in between my legs was a wonderful reminder of a rainy afternoon spent with a randy copper. I could write a book on the things I did with him the randy sod but he was damn good and taught me well.