Written by 2bgo

1 Sep 2006

We have been naturists for years (now both in our early 40’s), and have been on many nice beaches in the UK and abroad. Looking back, we were naïve naturists, unaware of the ‘fun’ being had in the dunes!

At our local beach, (we live in Lincolnshire) we headed off on the ¾ mile walk to the naturist area, on a fairly windy day. As we got to our usual spot, it was obvious that the wind was a bit too cold for comfort. Instead of heading back, as we would usually do, I suggested that we move into the dunes a bit, and out of the wind. We climbed a small dune, crossed a hollow, climbed a second dune, and found a sheltered spot just over the top. No wind - excellent. We set up our towels and small beach tent, took our kit off and relaxed. Bliss; warm, sunny, naked and alone on a great beach.

Voices woke me from a nap; I looked over the top of our dune into the hollow we crossed earlier, to see a young couple, early 20’s, setting their towels out. They also must have felt the need to get out of the wind, I thought. I lay back down. My wife Jill was still snoozing, lying on her back. After about 20 minutes, I heard laughing from below, and peeped over the edge gain. The young girl was sucking the very erect cock of the lad below! I ducked my head down quickly, a bit embarrassed! They obviously didn’t know we were there, or so I thought. I couldn’t help but look again. The girl was still sucking his cock, but she had turned her bum towards where I was, exposing her shaved pussy to me. The sun was shining full on to it, giving me the chance to see every little detail of her beautiful pussy, and I could see her man’s fingers sliding in and out of a very wet hole.

I was so engrossed at this sight, that I didn’t notice that the lad was looking directly at me. It was too late to dip down, but it didn’t seem to matter, because he just smiled at me, said something to his wife, who promptly opened her legs wider, and took her mouth from his cock, turned her head and smiled sweetly at me. The realisation hit me - they knew I was there, AND wanted me to watch! My cock just sprung to attention there and then. Jill sensed something was going on, and woke, looked directly at my cock and asked what I was looking at. Caught out, I had no option but to tell her to sit up and look over. I thought she would be disgusted, and demand we left. But no! She kneeled up and openly stared at the goings on below. She was entranced by the lad’s cock. She said, “Lucky sod!” I replied, “I know he is!” But Jill said that she meant SHE was the lucky sod. Asking her what she meant, she replied that she wished it was her sucking the lads cock! She’d never said things like that before. My cock was tight up against my stomach as Jill reached for it. We both stood up, looking down at the couple. I reached for Jill’s pussy, and we turned to face each other, looking sideways at the couple. I was looking at that beautiful pussy as Jill openly wanked me, and I’m sure Jill was staring at the lad’s cock as I stroked her wet pussy. The combination of openly being wanked and watched, together with the spectacle below soon had me spraying my spunk up Jill’s stomach, and up to her tits. Her legs almost buckled as she watched the lad thrust his hips and shoot his load into his girl’s mouth. She moaned as she obviously came at the same time. I wiped Jill’s body with a tissue, and she then bent down and licked the end of my cock clean. Fantastic!

We smiled at the couple and sank down onto our towels. “I don’t know what came over me!” gasped Jill. I said it was great, the best time we’d had sexually in ages! Too embarrassed to look over the top, we started to soak up the sun, gradually calming down.

About an hour later, I risked a peep over the top. The girl was alone. She saw me looking, and started to rub oil on herself. Entranced, I knelt and brazenly watched her. She rubbed it into her arms, legs and belly, and glancing wickedly at me, started on her tits and nipples, then worked down to her pussy. I was rock hard again, and I made sure she could see my thick prick hard up against my belly, wet pre-cum glistening in the sun. She opened her legs wide, facing me, and methodically worked her fingers into her labia and around her clitoris. She was going to masturbate for me! My hand strayed to my cock, and I had to start slowly wanking, both of us watching each other.

Jill suddenly whispered, looking in the opposite direction, “There’s that lad, right in front of me!” I turned, and sure enough, he had walked round, and was looking straight at Jill’s naked body. She slowly slid her legs open, showing him all the pink delights that had previously not been exposed so brazenly before. Like me, his hand went to his cock, encircled it and started to slide up and down. “God, he’s wanking himself looking at my pussy, the dirty young sod!” she laughed. She reached for my cock and started to wank me, as I reached for her pussy and started to tease her pussy for the young lad to see. He slowly edged closer and closer - I had never felt Jill so wet; she was actually dripping over my fingers and squeezing her nipples as I played with her pussy. I was alternating looking at his girlfriend and the lad wanking in front of my wife. He was now standing in between Jill’s feet and knelt down, as if to fuck her. She said, “No, you can’t fuck me - come over me!” He promptly did just that, within seconds he shot great spurts of spunk up her legs, directly onto her wet pussy, up her stomach and over her tits. One spurt even hit her chin and lips. She writhed under my fingers as I rubbed the lad’s spunk into her cunt, and she had the strongest orgasm I have ever known. That made me spurt high into the air, much to the delight of the watching girl below me. He whispered thanks to Jill, leaned over and kissed her wet clitoris. She shuddered and gasped, “No! Thank YOU!”

We laughed, cleaned up and introduced ourselves. The plan is to meet at the beach on the next fine weekend - I’ll let you know what happens! Also, If any other couples would like to meet us, mention this experience in the 'couples 4 couples ads!