Written by John

2 Jun 2006

Until a couple of nights ago I never knew that Swinging Heaven existed. It was quite a surprise for me to find Lorraine reading some of the stories in the "Swinging Stories" section & an even bigger surprise to find out that she had been writting about some of our sexual adventures during our 5 years overseas, when we had taken Bishop to our bed in a menage a trois for nearly five years, eventually Lorraine taking more than just Bishop.

While Lorraine has related much of the truth, she has embellished some of her later stories. After our return to the U.K. we never ever met with Bishop again. Those sexual picadillos she wrote about are all imaginary. At almost 60, I believe that she is trying to relive some of the wonderful sex that she enjoyed during those five years.

It is my time to relate how I saw her relationship with Bishop & how it effected me.

She initially wrote about the first time that Bishop came to our bed, with both he & I taking her for several hours. It was the height of my sexual experiences & truely some amazing sex. Even though the three of us fucked many more times, that first time would always be the best. Even when I took part in gang banging her for the first time, it was not the same. I guess that getting over the taboo that you are always led to believe that one should be monogomous, sexually exciting doing something that others would frown upon. Once having stepped over that taboo all other sexual taboos became easier to over come.

There are several events that happened in our threesome that stick out clearly in my memory & still can bring me to a hard on when I think about them.

As Lorraine has related in her accounts she mentioned about our Sunday night trysts at a small beach. As she said, she always dressed on those nights in what she called her fucking attire, just a dress & flip flops. She wanted to get naked & begin as soon as possible. Most of the time once we had picked Bishop up she'd have her dress off in the car & be fucking him or blowing his cock on the way to the beach, she just couldn't get enough of his cock.

Just a little aside I asked her one time to compare his cock in size to mine. So one evening at home she measured them both. Mine was 5 1/2 inches by 4 inches round. Bishop's was twice as long as mine (11 inches) by 7 1/2 round. It was no wonder that wanted it more & more. How could I compete, but to be fair I was never deprived of having my share of fucking her.

One Sunday night at the beach, that we usually fucked at, after both of us having her a couple of times, we were having a beer & cigarette before starting again, when Lorraine told me that she wanted some time alone with Bishop. This had never happened before, but I told her to go ahead.

We normally fucked by a rocky area that jutted out into a sandy beach. This was to semi conceal our activities just in case somebody did happen to come along, although this never did happen. Both of them got up & took each others hands & I watched them disappeared around to the other side of the rock, admiring how her tits jiggled as she trotted off.

I smoked another cigarette, drunk another beer expecting them to be back in about ten minutes or so. How wrong I was, another cigarette smoked & another beer drunk & another fifteen minutes passed, when I decided that I should go to see where they were. Walking round the rock I saw them in the middle of the small beach, Lorrain on her back with Bishop on top. Walking with the sea to my back so that they wouldn't see me I gradually approached them, as I got closer I could hear her, over the noise of the surf breaking on the shoreline. She was moaning out with sexual pleasure, interdispersed with telling him to fuck her hard, oh yes, oh yes baby, give it to me baby, oh how I love your cock & fuck me, fuck me baby. She was in a sexual high that she had never diplayed before when the three of us were together. As I got closer I could see that her legs were tightly wrapped around his waist & her body was arching up at his thrusting into her. His black body glistened magnificently in the moon light & his arse was thrusting up & down at a pace that I knew if I was doing the same I would have come within minutes. I watched & listened to this scene for at least five minute, playing with the hard on that the scene had given me & almost instantly shot my load. At this I went back to the other side of the rock, smoked two more cigarettes & drank another beer. Ten minutes later I crept back again to see if they had finally finished, only to find exactly the same scene. Lorraine was still putting out all sorts of sexual sounds & sayings from her mouth & Bishop's arse was still thrusting in & out at a phenominal pace. Once again I went back behind the rock & waited for about another ten minutes before they both came back, holding hands & I'm sure that if it had been daylight Lorraine would have been glowing from sexual pleasure. She instantly let go of his hand, picked up a beer, gave it to Bishop then made me lay down & sucked on my cock until it was hard, then straddled it, fucking me like never before until I came. We both fucked her again a couple of times, then took Bishop home, went home ourselves & slept.

A few weeks later Lorraine asked me if she could spend an evening alone with Bishop. I was a little put out by this but felt that she was being honest with me & not fucking him behind my back, like I knew other wives on the Island were doing to their husbands. So I agreed & on the arranged night, she, as always put just a dress on & flip flops. She left about seven & returned at gone midnight, so had been out for over five hours with him. When she returned I was already in bed waitng for her, so she could tell me all about how it had gone.

My first question was to ask her how many times he had fucked her. To my surprise she told me only once, to which I asked how that could be, as she had been gone for over five hours, had they been talking most of the time. She told me that they had spent the whole time fucking each other in as many positions as possible. She had come several times, most of them being multiple orgasms. He had come only once, so as she saw it he had only fucked her once. She had done everything possible to try & make him come, but his control was unbelievable. She told me that it was such a wonderful fuck & she wanted more of him by herself, she felt that she had to have more & more of him & as long as I let her fuck with him, as & when she liked, she would never deny me. What could I do but agree, how could I compete with a living sex machine. We fucked each other a couple of times, but I knew that comming with in minutes each time could never satisfy her like Bishop could.