Written by Anonymous

18 Jun 2019

I’m sure many of you will agree that getting some quality ‘me’ time when you have older kids at home is difficult .

I’ve always had a high sex drive and still like some self pleasure every couple of days . This was normally achieved when having my last cigarette of the evening. I could go out of the back door and down the path between mine and the neighbours house and not be overlooked by anyone. I’d also purposely left the sticking back door as an early warning system. This gave me the opportunity to get my cock out and have a reasonable relaxed wank whilst leant up against the wall. It wasn’t ideal, but it worked. I also didn’t have to care much about where I came and just let it fly.

Whilst stood in my spot one evening I noticed the wooden fence between me and the neighbours had a hole in it. When I looked closely, the fist shaped hole had been carefully cut. Strange. I couldn’t understand why. I looked through it into next door and couldn’t see anything other that the brick wall of their house. I went about my business and finished myself off before returning to the unsuspecting family home.

When returning home from work the next day, I saw Derek from next door unloading his car and thought I’d ask about the fence.

Derek was married to Julie, they were I’d guess in their 60’s. They had always lived there since I’d moved in. Their children had left home , but they both still worked.

They were friendly and always well presented and to be honest bordering on middle class. Conversation was normally just pleasantries . Today was different though. When I mentioned the fence, derek have a snigger and said he’d cut the hole to help me out. He then went on to casually explain that he and Julie were very active sexually and that they both regularly watched me. They understood the circumstances and thought they could help.

He said Julie was turned on by watching me down the ally way and had often mentioned that she’d love to suck my big cock. Derek said it would be ok that at 10pm I could use his homemade glory hole and Julie would happily oblige. He gave me a pat on the back and assured me it was all ok. I walked away somewhat bewildered .

My mind was now full of thoughts of Julie. I won’t deny that for a woman of her age she was pretty hot and I’d be lying if I said she hadn’t entered into my dirt box of a brain.

She was about 5ft 4”, size 12 maybe , had some fair size tits and ample arse. She was always well dressed, usually in skirts and blouses, and her make up, although more 80’s than present day was always immaculate.

So having spent the early evening a bit spaced out by the conversation with Derek, it was soon time for my evening smoke. I left through the back door making as much noise as I could without raising suspicion and headed down the side of the house to my place. I was aroused, but not hard, and I rubbed my cock through my trousers as I inhaled my cigarette and looked at the hole in the fence. As the blood flow took over my brain I thought fuck it and got my cock out the same as I’d done hundreds of times before.

I stood there gently pulling my cock when I heard the click of next doors back door.

By this time I was horny enough not to care and offered my cock through the hole in the fence. It was received with a low volume giggle and a warm hand, which was shortly followed by a warm and wet mouth.

It was good. Julie was good. I could feel her hand at the base of my cock and her mouth sucking really quite hard on my head. I pulled back a little and looking down could see a well manicured hand that quickly pulled me back in.

What followed was a few minutes of intense sucking , licking and wanking of my cock which was finished with me cumming into somewhere warm which I assumed was Julie’s mouth. I then heard her say ‘well done’ and giggle. This made me laugh. Then she was gone. I walked back in to normality and no one knew. It felt good. Later before bed, I even noticed lip stick on my cock. I laughed again.

This happened twice again , and I was happy to have this secret service available.

The weekend arrived, and I was lucky enough to be home alone on the Saturday morning. I was doing some garden chores when I heard some activity next door. I wondered if my blow job queen was available during the day? I whistled to announce my presence then gentle tapped the fence on my way down to the hole. I heard a similar noise from the other side and thought game on, so I unzipped my cock and entered the fence, again , there was a warm hand followed by a warm mouth.

This morning was different though, more firm, more intense. Quicker. My cock was being swallowed up and sucked on hard. I couldn’t last and came into her throat. The post ejaculation sucking was gentle. I was licked and sucked clean. I said thank you and returned to my duties.

Later in the day I saw derek on the driveway cleaning his car. I shook his hand and thanked him. I told him his wife was amazing and he was lucky man and to thank her so much on my behalf. He laughed and agreed that she was indeed a fantastic cock sucker and also a great fuck if I fancied it. I said I’d love to. He then said he’d ask her when she got home. Get home? I asked. Yes, she’s visiting her sister this weekend. I paused. Who’d sucked my cock this morning? Derek realising my concern put a hand on my shoulder and again assured me it was all ok and it was nothing new to them. I was stunned, but also turned on. This man had sucked me off only a few hours earlier, and I enjoyed it. Really enjoyed it.

He said that they’d set something up so we could all enjoy some time together. I said I was in and looked forward to it.

More in Part 2 ?