Written by Rebecca

14 Feb 2004

Being a divorced mum with 1 demanding youngster

can be tough sometimes and lonely.Theres always

something needs doing in the house or garden and

it's difficult to find the time or the energy to

do them that is if i knew how to as i'm a proper

girly if it comes to anything technical or physical.

I try my best to keep myself attractive and smart

and at 34 i do look quite good i must admit.I have

dark hair that i wear short and a slightly plump

'rubenesque' figure so i'm told (i take that as

a compliment.)

A while ago i joined a dating agency and i had

a few dates and a few flings but most of the men

i met, well quite frankly it did not surprise me

at all why they where single.It was then i recieved

a letter from a 60 year old man called Geoff (at

first i was rather put out as i had not asked to

meet anybody that age) i was going to bin it but

something stopped me, why not i thought 'it's only

a date.'And so i came to meet the wodower Geoff

and what a lovely man he was, thouroughly charming

and polite ,he made me feel like a lady as me had

our first date in a local wine bar.We joked and

laughed and talked about our families and i asked

Geoff why he had not chosen someone nearer his age

as i had (i admitted i had chosen age groups 30-40).

'Because i enjoy the company of beautiful young

women' he said.

We became good friends and i must say it was wonderful

to have a manfriend who was so good at fixing things.

He'd often take my son and i for day trips to the

seaside too.

Of course i was aware that old Geoff was rather

fond of me in other ways and i would sometimes

catch him eyeing my cleavage or my bum.I was not

sure i wanted to progress this way and on the other

hand i felt i owed the lovely old gent something

more than just friendship although i didn't really

fancy him i did not want to use him either.It was

on a Friday evening at about 9 o'clock (long after

my sons bedtime) that Geoff called (i had invited

him over that evening) i was snuggled up on the

settee watching the soaps dressed in my silky

pyjamas, very pretty pink ones.

Geoff sat beside me after i had fixed him a hot

chocolate drink and we chatted.As we did so i

snuggled up to Geoff as i sometime would and he

put his arm over me. As we chatted and watched

t.v. i felt Geoff tentatively touch my rear thigh

with his hand, i did not make any comment or ask

him not to, my heart was racing and i had butterflies

in my tummy as his large hand moved up to and began

caressing my bum.Geoff carried on as if nothing

where happening as he traced the outline of my little

panties with his fingers and then running his index

finger between my buttocks and underneath to my

pussy which was getting wetter all the time i groaned

involuntarily. Geoff then asked me if i was enjoying

myself and told me that he thought i had a very

sexy arse, i was a little shocked to hear Geoff

being so rude but i was a little turned on by it

too.H e did not stop there and he was soon singing

the praises of my 'big tits' as he cupped one of

them, i adore having them played with and Geoff

was right they are quite a handful at 34d.Geoff

asked when i had last had a man and he took my

hand and placed it on his lap.

My God! What a big bulge he had now i was really

nervous Geoffs penis felt huge.It was huge! Geoff

unzipped it and placed my hand on it, it was like

a big salami with an angry looking purple head

and it exited and fascinated me.We ended up in

my bedroom that night and Geoff thrilled me more

than anyman i have ever had with his tongue and

fingers and his sometimes crude language. I sucked

his big penis too it had a strong masculine salty


Geoff was very gentle with my pussy as he slowly

'fucked' my 'tight little cunt' to orgasm. I learnt

so much about loving from that wonderful older man.

Before Geoff and i had to go our seperate ways he

had thrilled me in ways i never believed possible

He even persuaded me to allow him to put his penis

between my buttocks and into my backpassage on many

occasions this exited him greatly and it was

exitement mixed with dread that thrilled me when

he would put his arm around me and whisper 'do

you know what i want tonight?' ' i want your arsehole'

He was a charmer and a persuader and i always did as

he said and 'spread my arse cheeks' for the painful and

pleasurable sensation of his awesome tool in my

poor backside.