Written by lucky man

25 Aug 2008

I recently started a new job, labouring in a factory were the majority of the workforce is women.

Being one of the minority of the male workforce i gradually became accustomed to wolf whistles and smutty comments off the female staff.Being in a relationship none of this bothered me as i was always content to be with my girlfriend anyway.There were one or two of the women who could have done with a good shagging but i never thought things happened to me like that.

Nevertheless there was one lass who i became friends with, she was 22 blonde and quite attractive and i naturally thought of the friendship as platonic, we would have lunch together, meet after work, and indulge in general chit chat.

One afternoon after we finished work she invited me round her house to ask my opinion on some work that needed doing.After surveying the work i sat down on the couch supping tea she had made before i went home.Unexpectedly she sat beside me, and her presence next to me gave me an uneasy feeling in my stomach.My cock started to grow in my trousers as if it anticipated what was going to happen.Next moment her hand was unzipping my flies and she pulled my cock out, i couldn\'t believe my luck.My girlfriend flashed through my mind and i should have brushed my friends hand aside but from that moment there was no turning back.

She started wanking my cock and within seconds i embarrassingly exploded spunk all over her hands, i apologised to her for coming so quick but she smiled and went to get some tissues to wipe me down.We began chatting again and she invited me upstairs so we could be more comfortable. I lay on the bed and she lay next to me, she began to peel her jeans down and i knew any second i would be looking at her cunt,i could see the shape of her mound through her knickers and that only made my cock rise again.I watched her peel her knickers down and expose her half shaven blonde cunt, i slipped my fingers between her lips and they slid in with ease, her fanny was soaking wet and warm. I started to rub her clit and i could feel it growing under my fingers. I knew she was coming so i stopped and went down below to explore her fanny with my tongue. Unlike my girlfriend this fanny had its own unique taste and i couldn\'t resist lapping it up gently darting my tongue in and out.She suggested doing the 69 position so i manoeuvred my body into position until i felt her lips around my cock, i could feel her licking and sucking my cock end as i frantically licked her cunt i knew any minute i was going to explode again.I got up and she said \'fuck me now\' i positoned her on the end of the bed and watched as i slowly guided my cock in her soaking wet cunt, after six thrusts i could feel myself coming, i tried pulling out to shoot the cum all over her but she resisted and locked her legs tight around me so i couldn\'t withdraw, i exploded inside her both our bodies seemed to shudder in time, i then watched as i withdrew my cock from the gaping hole it had left, spunk and lovejuice then seemed to take an eternity to stop flowing out, i gently mopped her down and thanked her for the experience.