17 Jul 2018

This is a small but erotic encounter from a few years ago.I went for a cycle ride in Blean woods and was in a part between Canterbury and Faversham enjoying the feel of my new nylon leggings and especially seeing and feeling the suspenders straps tugging at my stockings underneath.Although they feel great and my mind sometimes wanders while I am cycling to all sorts of chance scenarios,I wasn’t expecting what was to come!It was a very still early Saturday morning and had been raining a lot over the previous days.The sun was in and out of the clouds and I was enjoying my leisurely cycle.From a fair distance away I could hear a couple of voices and then the sound of their bicycles splashing through the occasional small puddle.By the time I actually saw them it was clear they were moving along a lot faster than me.I expected them to approach and be gone in no time.What stopped them both was a big muddy puddle that covered the whole path in a particularly densely wooded stretch.We got to it at the same time.They were a man and woman probably in their forties and they both got off of their bikes.They were both friendly enough and we looked to find the best route through as the puddle was pretty deep.I couldn’t help but notice that they both looked good in their cycling shorts and she especially was filling them delightfully.I was certainly distracted by them.I had stayed on my bike on my side of the puddle.The sun had come out and I could feel it on my Lycra covered thighs.I looked down at them and my leggings looked almost transparent and every detail of what I had on underneath was showing through clearly.The suspender straps and the big clips and even the welt of the stocking tops.I instantly tried to cover them but I looked up and could see that she at least had seen them too.She asked me if I was wearing stockings even though she could see that I was.Of course there was no denying it.I felt embarrassed and stayed quiet and he seemed to be enjoying my situation with a smirk on his face.She asked me again and if that’s what I liked to do when I went cycling.I was still unable to speak but when she persisted and asked me again I admitted that I did like the feel of them especially while I’m cycling.The whole mood change when she said she thought it looked sexy.I felt my cock twitch instantly.He was standing by not saying anything.I was asked by her if I was always hoping to be seen in them.She was definitely enjoying my predicament but remained friendly and seemingly interested.I told her that I probably did think about being seen in them.She wanted to know what I thought might happen next once I was seen and once again I stayed quiet.This questioning though from her was having an effect and I was aware that my cock was growing a bit.This they both noticed.She turned to him and asked what he wanted to do.With a look from him to her she turned back to me and said that they were both into spanking and she wanted us both to be spanked by him.His demeanour had changed and he was now looking engaged.I was asked by him if this is the sort of thing I was expecting coming out dressed in my stockings.Although not exactly top of my thoughts,my cock was showing the fact that I was aroused and a bit excited.They discussed where we should go and I was expecting them to say back to a house nearby,but they both wanted to do it in the woods.It was me that got my feet wet crossing the puddle and we headed into the dense woodland,left our bikes in a safe place and carried on a bit further.I was following her and was mesmerised by her big bottom moving as she walked.I was pretty stiff by this stage.We were all a bit wet by the time we found a suitable place where he sat down on a fallen trunk.I stood and watched as she was beckoned over his knee.He was straight into hard,sharp slaps on her Lycra covered bottom that echoed through the wood.This was quickly followed by him pulling the shorts down then giving about ten hard blows to her bare bottom.This was really ringing out loud.Then it was over and I was asked to go over his knee.I felt him holding me really firmly around my waist to keep me from falling off.Again he was straight into firm spanking of my bottom.He then told her to pull my leggings down and I was able to just move my throbbing cock so it was a bit more comfortable.I had five hard smacks over my nylon knickers and after she eased them down to my soggy wet ankles another five really stingy spanks of my bare bottom.I was thinking we were being so loud,but the spanking was over.We were standing side by side.Her with a red bottom and her cycling shorts by her knees and me with my leggings and knickers round my ankles and an equally red bum.She looked across to him and was breathing heavily.He instructed me to kneel behind her and lick and suck at her arse.I pulled he cheeks apart and got my mouth right in there.She was whimpering and moaning.She then turned and told me to lick and suck on her clit.It was glistening through a thick mass of hair but I lashed my tongue on it and she came over my chin instantly.He was wanking his fleshy cock by this time with his big balls bouncing about .She then pushed me towards the fallen tree trunk asking me to open my legs as far as the leggings and knickers would allow and then knelt down between my stockinged thighs and sucked and slurped on my cockhead.I normally last a while prolonging the moment but the sheer excitement of the situation had me shooting onto her lips and neck.He shot a big wad of cum on the ground and we smiled at each other.We got ourselves together, exchanged numbers and headed back to the bikes.

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