Written by Andrew

11 Jun 2004

Yesterday afternoon I was traveling home from work and I needed a pee, so I pulled into Lynford Stag picnic area as there are toilets available there, I parked the car and walked up the long path to the toilets, I noticed a young couple sitting at a picnic table up ahead of me, he was sitting straddleing the seat on one side of the bench and she was sitting in front of him, between his legs, with her head leaning back on his shoulder, her legs straight out along the seat.

As I neared them she brought one knee up exposing her thighs almost up to her pants, if she was wearing any, I also noticed one strap of her top was hanging down her arm, showing quite q lot of her tit, she had a short skirt on that was rumpled up almost to her crutch, but as the sun was so bright it was creating a shodow just where I wanted to see, as I said I was bursting for a pee so I kept going but watched them as I passed about 25 yards away.

I went to the toilet and returned deliberatly walking closer to them to see what reaction I got, she looked at me for a few seconds and then laid her head back on his shoulder causing her top to slip down a little further, I was now only five of six yards away and thought I had better say something the see the responce, so as the sun was shining and it was a lovely day I made the rather obvious comment "what a lovely day" she looked up and said "yes it smashing isn't it" ice broken jump in both feet, I replied "It's not half as good as the view from here" "what do you mean" she responded, I grinned and said "A buitiful woman showing miles of sexy leg and most of her right tit is what I mean, and please don't stop it's the nicest thing I've seen for weeks".

Her man said you can watch but we don't allow contact if you agree to that then you are welcome to stay, I agreed wouldn't you.

He slipped the other strap over her left shoulder and eased the top down till both her small but oh so pert tits were in full view, he started to tweak her nipples, she still had her head back over his shoulder and I could see her smile as he got her worked up, she let her legs drop off the seat one on either side oxposing her naked cunt to me, I guessed she wasn't wearing any pants on my first recci, I was so pleased to be correct, her cunt was shaved not a hair in sight, her lipps were puffed out, she was hot and needed some satisfaction, but I had promised to not touch, god that took some keeping, she tok both hand and sliding them across her taut belly and around her legs till her fingers were touching her lips, she opened her self to show me the pink inner folds of her fanny, I could clearly see her clitty standing out begging for attention, she started to circle her finger aroud her clit and the fingers of her other hand went into her opening, fucking herself as she worked on her clitty, he was gripping her nipples tight and rolling them between his fingers and thumbs, she lifted her head and looked at me, I was rubbing my cock through my trousers, she said "why dont you get it out and show me what you like doing to it" well I couldn't refuse with her almost naked, so I glansed around to see if there was anyone else aroun and there wasn't so I dropped my clothes to the groud exposing my naked cock for her to see, well I also shave, well actualy I use immac it's better and leaves me very smoth, she gasped at the sight of my rampant cock, I am not one of the twelve inch liars but it looks much bigger without the hairs it reaches about seven inches when aroused, I wanked the foreskin very slowley back and forth exposing the head fully, she was wispering in his ear, then he said you can come closer if you want too, of course I wanted to get closer much closer then he intended given just half a chance, I walked forward till I was standing beside her, she reached out and took my cock in her hand, I almost cum on the spot it was so thrilling, she copied the way I had wanked pulling the foreskin right back and then up again to the tip.

I could see her fingers working on her cunt his fingers at her nipples and her hand on my cock, I thought I might have died and gone to heaven, I could feel the spunk building up as she wanked my so sexily, I wanted to close my eyes but them I couldn't see thid gision of sexiness sitting right in front of me, she suddenly started to wank me hard and as she did she came herself, her mouth open breathing in little gasps her tits giggeling with the spasms going through her body, she sat up and took my cock into her mouth just as I started to cum, I must have cum gallons it felt as if it would never stop, one of the best orgasms I have ever had, she swallowed the lot, and cleaned my cock before smiling up at me with a loveley smile and said "thanks" I replied "I was the one to say thankyou for a very sexy afternoon, hope to meet again"

Her man asked me to leave as they wanted to clean up and dissapear as there was quite a few people around , I don't think any of them knew what had just take place, I still find it hard to belive, I am fifty nine next week bald and overweight and they were at most in thier early twenties and both very good looking.