Written by lyn and bri

2 Aug 2006

one sunday about 2yrs ago myself and lyn were in town having a drink in local music bar wen a guy walked over and asked lyn to dance being married she said do you mind bri no i replied go ahead and soon i was tlaking to a guy at bar and forgot about lyn anyway after more than 4 dances

they came back and lyn remarked wat a good time they had

so i said to him were moving on to next bar and he asked lyn could he accompany us wich okd

wen in next bar i left them sitting in corner and went for drinks on the way back my eyes were watching something ithought were untrue

my wfewas kising this guy with one hand wanking him in corner in front off 3 guys watching

they surrounded them and were nowwanking watching there wasonly 8 people in pub so it was quite

she then got hold off the stranger and took him into toilet

were we alll followed

she unzipped him and blowed him in front off us then she lent over toilet seat and he fucked her while the 4 off us shot our loads all over the 2 off them

wat an experience which we hope to improve on any ideas