Written by Sub

2 Nov 2006

A couple of years back I met this guy down at the gym, we got to know each other a bit, went for drinks etc.

We both played golf and agreed to have a game together. On the first tee I asked "what shall we play for?". He thought for a moment and suggested " whoever loses has to do exactly what the winner wants for one day". This sounded harmless so I agreed. I started well and half way round was already thinking about getting him to do the gardening and ironing etc. Over confident, I found myself being pegged back and he beat me on the 17th. We went for a drink and I asked what he wanted to do. He said he hadn't made his mind up but for me to come round to his for 9am the next day. I had no idea what I was going to have to do and if I had known - would I have turned up?

That morning I made my way lazily to his and got there for about 915. He let me in and told me to sit down in the front room and left me for a couple of minutes. He came back just as I was picking up a trophy off the mantlepiece. I put it down and asked what he wanted me to do.

He told me I needed to change before work and that the gear was laid out in the bedroom on the right. Off I went still oblivious to what was going on until I walked in the room to find a frenchmaids outfit laid on the bed. This couldn't be it, surely, I went to leave the room but saw a note on the bed, it read "the loser agrees to do whatever the winner wants". I considered this and decided that I wasn't someone who welched on a bet so started to get changed.

He had hold ups, french knickers, a little apron and to cap it all a little feather duster. I got into my outfit and headed downstairs. As I walked into the lounge he smiled and told me to come over to him. He said that he was going to enjoy today and hopefully I would too.

The first thing I had to do was to get him some breakfast and he told me to go get on with it and as I walked a way he patted my bum twice. A bit strange i thought but still thought it was harmless.

He told me to stand by the chair as he ate his brakfast and top things up when asked. He finished everything off and told me to clear up and join him in the lounge. I leant over to get one of the plates as he got up and felt his hand rub up my leg to the top of the hold up.

I jumped a bit but didn't complain as I still thought he was messing around.

After I had cleaned up, I joined him in the lounge and he told me my next job was to run him a bath. Off I went and 15 minutes later I let him know his bath was ready.

He told me to stay in the bathroom whilst he had a bath. This was getting weird but still not out of order, so I did as asked.

Before he got in the bath, he stripped off and had a pee. Where I was standing I could see a reflection in the mirror and found myself drawn to his peeing. His cock was about 3inches long and fairly fat but what I really noticed were his huge balls and the fact that there was no hair at all.

He flushed and got in the bath and lay there for a while. He then asked me to scrub his back. I wanted to say no but was still transfixed at his cock and balls so as he sat up I proceeded to sponge his shoulders and back. He stood up and told me to do the same with his legs.

My face was inches from his bum as I started to wash his thighs. He parted his legs slightly to allow me to wash his legs and I could then see his saggy balls and the fact that he was also hairless betwen his legs and his bum. For the first time I actually realised that my knickers were wet and although not hard that this was really turning me on.

He told me to get him a towel and stepped out of the bath and I patted him dry. He then told me to go into the bedroom. He came in and thanked me for what I had done but I had not done as I was told. I couldn't think what. He sat on the bed with just the towel on and told me to come and stand by him. He told me to bend over his knees and at this point told me that I was to receive one spank for every minute late I was in arriving and that I should thank him after each one.

I protested but feebly and he told me it would only get worse if I didn't bend over now. I got over his knees and felt him raise the hem of my outfit and a second later felt the first slap of his hand. Not too hard but certainly hard enough. I waited for my next one already forgetting the need to thank him.

For that he told me I was to lose my knickers, he pulled them down over my bum and "slap" went his hand "thank you" I said. Slap,...... My bum was red and hot after my fifteen smacks and with that he pushed me off his knees. This caused me to roll on my back and he commented that it can't have been that bad if all that juice is anything to go by.

I had to admit that I had secretly fantasised about this kind of thing before but never believed it could ever happen.

He stood up over me and dropped his towel. His cock was bigger now but still not hard. He told me to sit up and with that my face was again within inches of him. He told me to open wide and as I did so slid the end of his cock into my mouth. "This is a reward for being good" and allowed me to suck on his ever growing member. My first cock and it was delicious, I sucked him in and felt him grow until I guess he was about 6inches long and fairly thick. He sat back on the bed and lay down and told me to continue. I took him in my mouth and sucked and licked him slowly at first but then quicker. He told me to slow down and lick and taste elsewhere. I guessed he meant his balls and I took one of them in my hand and the other in my mouth and played with them until he groaned in pleasure.He pulled his feet up and opened his legs instructing me to lick lower along his perineum until I flicked his anus with my tongue. I could feel him clench as I licked all over his hole and tried to slip it inside. I got it in a little way, it tasted good because of the bath i guess.

He told me to climb on the bed on my back and open my legs. My cock had grown now but was still softish compared to his. He told me he was going to fuck me now. I was too far gone to protest, if it was always like this I'd let him win the golf next time!

He slid a condom on, I have played with my bum before and find it pleasurable but never anything this size. He told me to use some spit and rub it on my hole. I felt degraded but so horny. He then climbed over me and pressed his cock against my hole. I thought I'd resist but he slid in so easily. It felt fabulous as he slowly moved in and out of me. He was tender and it didn't hurt at all and he fucked me for about five more minutes before he told me he was going to cum. He pulled out of me and whipped the condom off , climbed up my body and shot all over my hair and face.

After about five minutes he told me to clean myself up by going and getting in the bath. I did as I was told and was just getting in when he walked in. He told me to kneel in the bath so that I could clean him up first, with this he placed his soft cock in my mouth and I started to lick it clean. He stopped me and told me I was now to receive my second punishment, he said " for taking the piss by not sitting down when told in the lounge then I really was to take the piss. And woe betide if I spill a drop"

With this I felt the first drops of wee as he started to piss in my mouth. It wasn't unpleasant but I just couldn't take it all and he ended up pissing all over my face.

He then told me to clean myself properly and left the room.

It was only 12 o'clock ,still got the rest of the day to go and if you want I'll tell you more about my punishment and reward.