Written by lady P

9 Aug 2006

I am a married lady of 40.....somthing years, and we are lucky enough to have a holiday home in Brittany.

It was August 2005 when we were on our annual pilgrimage for 2 weeks of France, that my first Frenchman......had his way with me.

First I must explain that we live in Devon, and my job takes me around farms in the South Hams area.

I have since I was a girl had a fascination with hay stacks and I have had many sexual experiences within them.

My husband of a few years, has always encouraged me to explore extra sex, and I had over the previous year managed to entice 2 farmers to whom I had been attracted into their haystacks in order to have them naked and inside me as soon as was possible!!

This was usuallly illicited by the same story, that I loved haystacks and always had a need to be naked within them. The usual reply was "well feel free"....and my retort was "I would rather you were with me"......well you can imagine the rest.

In France we are surrounded by farmland and my husband had on two occasions bent me over the haystack in an adjacent field and fucked me soundly.

During our second week, one evening I went for a walk across the adjacent field and once again reached the haystack.

I was feeling a little horny, and as such I wanted to once again feel the spikeyness of the straw against my body.

The stack was different to those of Devon, and housed in a circular metal frame, I climbed onto it and pulled myself up, laying in the middle of it.

Slipping my top off and my shorts and panties, I spread my legs wide and began a very slow and intense wank.

I took my time and closed my eyes inhaling the warm evening air, and after a few minuits of pleasure, momentarily opened my eyes.

I froze as I was aware I was not alone, and looking up, I saw a man, about 40, smiling at me.

I jumped up and uttered "Pardon pardon", the man smiled and whispered

" shhhhh ok ok" as I began to gather my things, the man very gently pushed me back and said "ok ok " I was to say the least nervous as I was not sure if this man was going to attack me, but he smiled and again uttered "ok ok" there was a tense moment and then we laughed.

The man reached towards me, and holding my hand, moved it towards my now somewhat tightened fanny.

He smiled and his eyes left me in no doubt that he wanted me to continue.

I looked him in the eyes, smiled back and lay back, begining my wank all over again.

I was soon enjoying myself more than ever, being caught, being watched and now when I opened my eyes the man, had dropped his trousers and was playing with his very nice erect tool beside me.

As I wanked i was not surprised to feel a tongue upon my breasts and the man astride me.

By now I knew I wanted to have the stranger inside me, and it was not long before he slipped between my legs and his very nice cock was thrusting up and down iside me.

I continued to rub my needy clit as he pounded me in and out, and it was not long before I was groaning in orgasm.

The man had not finished and I was very happy when my Frenchman turned me over and entered me again.I loved the feel of his nicely sized cock inside me and I hooked my legs behind his, to ensure he did not escape.

He continued to thrust into me, making me damn wet,and I could hear the delicious sound of a big cock fucking a very wet pussy.

Eventually I felt his wetness fill me, and I writhed against him so that he was as deep as he could possibly be.

We lay in each others arms, before he told me he was Jean Pierre and this was his field.

My french isnt ace, but our entente cordiale ended with Jean asking me to come around for dinner with his him and his wife.

I laughed, and said that I had a husband. He looked seriously at me " my wife would love you" he said, "and she will also want you when I tell her" "your husband he will mind?" I laughed " well actually he wouldnt" Jean Pierre laughed " Then you will come"

We made love again that evening this time with me standing in the field, hands gripping the iron frame, as Jean Piere took me very agressively from behind.

The next day, Jean Pierre came around to ask us to dinner,

however we were at the end of our holiday and it was not possible.

We return to our house for this years holiday in 4 days time, and you can bet your bottom dollar, that we will be visiting the neighbours for dinner and who knows....what else.

Lady P xxxx