Written by Benny

2 Dec 2005

When Dom our new friend left us I arranged to meet him in two days time for a day sight seeing.We had a day off to re charge our batteries. Shelly was again a little reluctant to have another threesome,a think she was little ashamed how much she enjoyed another man`s cock fucking her cunt, When we did talk about it I always got an erection! Shelly knew how much I loved to see another man fuck her,she told me although she liked it she only did it because she loved me?( I think she loved two cocks at one time )

Wednesday morning we prepared for our day out with Dom. Shelly put on her pink bikini,the bottom was a little bit thicker than a piece of string! I packed some food and drinks,sun cream and her vibrator(just in case)

Dom arrived to pick us up,there was lot of tention between us all,Shelly was very tetchy.

Dom took us to a local small beach where no tourists go,with it being mid week we had to ourselves. We all sun bathed for a hour or so,Shelly did go topless,but because of the tention nothing sexual happenned. I spoke to Dom at some length to find he was 21 years old,going to some school to be a teacher.At lunch Dom took us to a local bar,here we had a few/many beers and lunch.It`s amazing how booze eases the tention. Shelly and Dom where getting very friendly with each other,I was just a spectator watching them touching/stroking each other. I just sat there with my cock fully erect.Dom was up for it,so was Shelly,we all returned to the beach.Dom said to us both much he enjoyed the other day,and if we did`nt mind could his brother join us on the beach today.I instantly said yes,before Shelly could even think about it.

When we got to beach Dom`s brother Ped was already there waiting for us.Ped was Dom`s younger brother he was 18 years old.

Back on the beach everybody was totally relaxed,Shelly went into the water for a swim,soon joined by Dom and Ped.I see they were having a great time,Dom spending most of the time with arms around Shelly.Altough I could`nt see Dom was finger fucking Shelly`s cunt,with Ped a bemused onlooker.When they returned to me all of them had discarded their swimware.Dom with his huge erect weapon pointing to the sky! Ped was nearly as big as Dom`s but was still a few inches bigger than mine!

Shelly laid next to me,looked at me and nodded her head and winked.She was a lottle concerned I was getting jealous,so I took my shorts off to show her my erect cock,she then knew I was`nt!!

I started to add some sun cream to her back,I asked both brothers help me apply the cream.She then had three pair of hands all over her body.Soon she laid on her back to reveal her breats,erect nipples and newly shaved cunt.At this stage I had to stop the brothers from fucking her cunt,they wanted to spunk her straight away,I wanted to see Shelly begging to be fucked!

Now I for the vibrator. I started on her tit area,giving special attention to her nipples,slowly working my dowm to her by now wet,wet cunt.Whilst I was doing these things to her,the brothers were massaging her body,mainly on her breasts and cunt areas.I have never seen Shelly so turned on like she was here on the beach,I suppose she`s never had three horny men on her before!!

I returned the vibratot to her nipples and got the brothers to tonge fuck her cunt.It was if I was a director of a porn film,I got my wife to get on all fours,then told Ped to fuck her doggy,then told Shelly to give Dom a blow job. I just sat back a little to get a better view. There was my normally docile/quiet/housewife being fucked by a good 10 inch cock,and giving a blow job to 11 inch cock.Again without any help from my hand I shot my load onto the towel.Very soon I saw spunk coming out of my wife`s cunt,Ped had shot his load,but had kept on fucking her,fucking her and fucking her until he spunked her for a second time ( about 10 mins )

Then Shelly looked at me and said that was fantastic,now for your turn Benny!She laid me down and fucked me on top,she beckoned over the brothers to join us.They kissed her fondled her while I was having my cock being fucked by her cunt.I must say the experience of two other men working her body whilst I was fucking her was prety horny.

Dom was the only one who had not fucked Shelly`s cunt at this time. I positioned Shelly while she was fucking me,so that Dom got a view of her arse.Dom soon relized what I was doing.He started very slowly at first to enter her arse with his cock.Shelly let out a little gasp,then said I am looking forward to double fucking. Dom steadily increases his spead until we were both fucking Shelly a rate of knots.This continued until over a 15 second period we all came,leaving the three of us totally fucked!

The brothers were fasinated with Shelly`s now gaping cunt,they both played with it,Shelly showing them where her special spot is.She told them how for the future to turn their new lovers on ( what a special wife I have )

We returned to our villa,we were both extremely sore?

I arranged to meet up in a few days hopefully for more fun!

The holiday was proving to be a great success,we both felt closer together and decided when the time was right we would indulge in more sexploits. We talked openly for the first time in years on what we wanted out of life.I liked MMF I just got turned on seeing my wife being fucked by some one elses cock.Shelly asked me if a MFF was a turn on.Well I said your`re more than I can handle hence MMF.

She then said What if I helped you out with woman!!!!!!

Leave it to me I`ll try to arrange...