Written by xaviermurray

7 Nov 2005

ive been living with my girlfriend for over 10 years now and we are very much in love and are best friends. i am not the jealous type but she up till now was not the naughty type.one night we were out having a few drinks when one of our male friends rang my mobile saying he was in the area and would like to meet up for a few beers and a game of pool.we both agreed it was great for him to come over and why not spend the night at ours so he could have a few jars.

b (the missus) was for once wearing a very sexy mimi skirt tights and thigh length boots,which give me a hard on just thinking about them.

we played a few games of pool drank enough to be merry then went back to our place talking sexily all the way back.once back we handed around vodkas & redbull and chatted seductively

it was then i went to the bathroom and realised there was silence while i was in there,i have always told her i dont mind what she gets up to and would even like her to shag other men as long as she is honest with me!

when i came out of the bathroom i noticed that they we both quite red faced and were chatting eagerly now

at that i went to the cupboard and brought out a pack of playing cards and asked them if they wanted to try this new game i had thought of ,which they both said yes.

i explained the rules which was i dal the cards one at a time slowly face up and the first person to get a card will give a forfeit to the next person in turn to receive a picture card.or that person (second picture card must take off a piece of clothing)it was then the fun began and we gradually got semi naked when some real fofeits came into place.first when she lost and it was my turn i ased her to french kiss my friend whist rubbing his cock with her hand,this turned all of us on and let the boundrys down.

when my friend lost i made him caress her head to toe .the clothes gradually came off slowly fofeit after forfeit and i soon realised b had changed on her return into stockings and suspender belt underneath her mini skirt -wow

in the next run her panties came off and the following my friend lost and was made to suck her dripping pussy for 30 seconds.i then lost and b decided that she would like to give us both a 30 second blow job at the same time.thank goodness for booze to keep us going.

b lost next and i asked for them both to go to our bedroom and play in our bed together for 5 minutes with the door shut -they came out looking very wild and red

many different position of each of our desires were used that night with plenty of oral and lost of wet passionate kissing and touching

after a long time we all went to our bed together where we sucked and fucked for ages cunnulating in my friend fucking deep inside b and about to cum said he must stop or would cum inside her -i said it was no problem with me but up to b she replied it was ok with her but wanted to feel my hand rubbing against while gripping his cock as he came,this i did and he exploded heaps of dripping cum inside her.

i had lost control by now and came over her tits while rubbing and sucking the juices from her pussy.

what a night to remember and we have since had the odd other occassion ,as have my friend and myself away from home good luck people enjoy it while you have it px