Written by Chameleon

14 Feb 2018

Now what I am about to relate, occurred last year before christmas. My wife June and I have been married for some years, with two daughters, our lives are pretty good, sex is also good, one could say we are somewhat adventurous. I have over the years taken lots of photos, many of which are online, and have written some accounts of what we have got up to.

I guess I am the instigator, on this occasion it was prompted by me advertising on a swingers site in respect of June and getting lots of responses, something which she flatly refused to be involved with.

However it just made me more devious.

My idea was fairly simple, and relied on June not wanting anyone else to know about our activities, especially the pictures online.

So bearing in mind my earlier abortive attempt to prostitute her, because that is what it was. I sent an email from a ficticious account to her, pretending to be one of the original suitors from the swingers site. In the email I said that her husbands account had been hacked and that access to sites had been made. I rambled on about what I would like to do to her, and how she should respond, and said that a meeting would be arranged. That was about it.

Anyway despite me knowing that June had received the email, she said nothing.

In fact a week went by without her saying a thing, other than how easy is it to hack a computer. I mentioned that people put a lot of information on media sites, something I know she uses to communicate with our daughters, and that names and dates of birth are often used as passwords.

After a few more days went by , I thought I would up the stakes; so another email, this time mentioning her fuck me dress, something that only we know about , and to push a bit further, she should come to a local music pub, on the next music night which was in 4 days time, wearing the dress and the same underwear as in the pictures online on one well know photo site.

I sat back and waited, but again two days later and nothing, so in a final attempt; I mentioned that I was changing my passwords, just as a precaution as I thought maybe someone had been trying to gain access to our laptops.

This was the trigger, she showed me the emails, now she wasnt upset, more very angry. I played the innocent and suggested contacting the police, this met with her absolute denial. I also got some flack as if I hadnt put the pictures up on the net this would'nt have happened.

The whole day was recriminations, but paramount was the fact that our daughters should'nt see the pictures, and she would do anything to prevent that. I must admit that I felt very guilty at this point, but really this had gone too far. I did have the consolation that it was all made up. And that there was no stalker who wanted to fuck her.

So I empathised and let June make her own decisions. That was that she would go to the pub, as instructed and behave as I told her in one of the emails, to be honest I had actually forgotten what I did say.

The saturday arrived, and it was a strange day, June was quiet and clearly resigned.

I was distracted, I knew it was all fantasy on my part and it was quite erotic thinking of June in the pub, expecting to I suppose get fucked.

While she was getting her bath in the early evening , I checked the emails that I had sent. I admit I forgot how explicit I had been. I had mentioned a photo that I had taken of June in a quiet bar one evening, wearing the fuck me dress and showing a considerable amount of stocking top; along with stuff like she was to behave naturally and not ever mention the real reason she was there,as I said quite detailed.

So I would be a liar if I said that it wasnt quite a turn on to see her get ready her beautiful perky boobs encased in the soft material of her bar, the sheer white panties snugly covering her peachy bum and neatly trimmed bush.rolling her ivory stockings on and attaching them to taughtly stretched suspender straps. All this covered by a very clingy silky dress above the knee and cream heels. Her size 10 frame looked hot, and I was very very turned on.

8-00 pm arrived and we set off into the town, the arrangement was that I would collect her when she texted me. I guessed that would be fairly soon, when she realised that noone would be turning up.

Watching June click clack in her heels into the pub, I did feel really bad, but convinced myself it was all ok, and we could quietly forget about it,as I wouldnt send any more emails, and over time it would be forgotten.

I thought I would go for a drink, to pass some time, an hour later I was still there and there had been no text, another hour and still no text, so I sent one to june. The response simply OK.

I was concerned what was happening, why was she still there. So off I went to the music pub, expecting to find her there, which was not the case. Now I was really worried, I asked the bar staff about a single woman in a smart brown dress, as she would have stood out. Indeed they had seen her, but she left with a guy about an hour beforehand.

Now I was very worried, what the hell was going on. I texted her again no response, then I rang no response.. It was now around midnight, and I had been driving all over town, I was even at the point of calling the police, when a text arrived from June, pick up outside the Spa Theatre.

I was there in minutes, to find her standing alone. I asked her what on earth had happened and why was she not back hours ago. I couldnt tell her why I expected that. However what she told me rocked me completely.

She asked me what did I expect after putting her in this position. I was confused. She continued to say that he didnt turn up for an hour ?? She continued to relate the evening. She had done as she was told, the place was busy but she did find a seat at a table at the end of the bar, bought a wine, and sat as instructed with her dress just showing the welt of her stockings, but as if by accident.

It was after 9-00pm when a guy came up to her and made conversation about the band, was she alone, and would she like another drink.

She of course behaving as I had told her in the ficticious email responded as instructed.

It was at this point , that the reality of what I had done hit home.

June of course didnt know who to expect or when, or what the mystery fiction guy looked like. So she had assumed him to be the pervert. I hadnt thought of that and the danger it involved.

She carried on telling me that she behaved as she has been told, which was provocatively, clearly the guy, who she said was middle aged, not bad looking, took her response as a come on.

Before long his hands were on her thighs, she said he played with her suspender straps, in full view of other pub customers, saying he loved stockings, and clearly as June didnt object got more adenturous, not quite managing to get his fingers under her tight fitting knickers, but he did try.

After around an hour, he suggested they go somewhere less public. June agreed, and it seems they ended up at a local beauty spot overlooking the sea, close to town.

She actually said he was very nice, and didnt seem like the type to write such emails.

Even when they got into the back of his volvo, she said he actually said are you sure about this, which she thought odd, bearing in mind why she was there.

He was gentle and considerate, stroking and gently kneading her nipples through her dress, running his fingers up and down her inner thighs and just lightly touching the gusset of her knickers. She said his tongue filled her mouth, and despite the circumstances did feel a little aroused, she was aware of a very slight dampness between her legs.

The seats in the car were leather and creaked when they moved, he had turned her towards the rear of the car, kneeling on the seat her hands oustretched on the seat back.

She felt her dress being gathered up and bunched around her waist, then very gently her knickers were pulled over her bum, down her thighs and over her heels.

He said again how he loved stockings, and seeing Junes bum framed by tight straps made him very hard.

She was aware of his cock pushing at her lips, again very gently, but firmly, until finally he penetrated her pussy, he was wearing a condom she said.

According to June, he fucked her slowly but his thrusts were very strong, she was pushed forwards into the seat back, she felt him cum pulsing inside her, she didnt orgasm, but did say that it was very close, despite her best efforts not to.

After they just sat in the rear seats for a while, June rearranged herself, but wasnt surprised when he asked if he could keep her panties, which he put in his car glovebox.

I have to admit, hearing all this excited me, something which june was clearly aware of.

However I had completely lost any control of events. It seems he asked to see her again in a weeks time, and June agreed of course she would as she thought she had no choice, and I couldnt say anything after what had happened, if I wanted to stay married to her.

What a mess. The drive home was short, watching June undress for a bath, wasnt like watching her dress before. Knickers absent, and her pussy lips clearly full from her recent fucking.

Whats going to happen I have no idea. I have clearly opened up a pandoras box.