Written by Jenna

13 Jul 2004

You sent me your photo ... and sent me your details ...we corresponded and then met. Wow you were tall ! I knew we would be fuck buddies the moment I heard you speak. A public school accent .... such a turn on for comprehensive educated me. What you didnt know was that I had already decided that I would have you. When I brushed against your arm I felt a tingle I knew you felt it too as our eyes met.

You complimented me on my nice mouth ...hm I knew what you were thinking. We agreed we liked and fancied each other and began to discuss preferences. You said your favourite was oral. Another brownie point in your favour. I shuddered in anticipation ... he is going to give me oral. After 20 long year of marriage and a husband who was slowing down I had found a younger taller guy who was into oral. This was too easy and very fast but then I had waited a long time.

We met the next week in a cheap shabby little motel tucked away where we could park our cars away from view. I was nervous and so were you but we knew we needed one another. I nervously sat on the bed - there was no need to speak we both knew what we were there for and I could see that you were excited. You kissed me urgently and used your tongue to let me know you had other areas on your mind.You knew how to kiss and that feeling of being ' taken ' just turned me on as you took control of my body. My nipples strained against my see through bra - your eyes bulged as you took off my top to reveal my 36 F breasts and in no time they were tingling with the wetness and sucking of your demanding lips and tongue. I arched my body up towards your bulging crotch and was quivering with excitement - the bulge was huge. The anticipation of an afternoon of pure lust was beginning to overwhelm me and I raced to unzip your flies. Your cock was huge and so thick it was all I could do to stop myself from sitting on you and fucking you till I came. That huge thick throbbing cock was there for the taking and I knew I had reached the point of no return this was my moment. I took you in my mouth and you moaned with pleasure as I flicked my tongue around the tip of your cock and your helmet. Mmm you tasted so good and I had to nuzzle underneath your balls to lick them and suck them lovingly. Your cock was huge and your balls were nice and tight and I knew you were mine - for the afternoon at least. I had to have you and demanded you fuck me and just as you thought you were in control I could tell you liked being told what to do. You flipped me onto my back and just as I thought you would fuck me ...you ran your tongue down over my breasts and made your way down to my pussy where you teased me mercilessly with your tongue. My lips were warm and moist and the heat of your tongue made them swell and buzz. Then you sucked hard on my clit........and sucked again until I gasped. It was all I could do to stop myself from coming but I had to as that cock of yours was the biggest I had seen and I knew my pussy was aching to be filled. You looked at me and moved towards me and kissed me on the mouth. You horny bastard that turned me on so much tasting my own juices I was pleading for your cock. It was time at last ...........

That moment when our eyes met and locked and you penetrated me was so erotic. I love hard fucks and the moment you entered me looking at me as you fucked me and kept your gaze on me was one of the horniest moments of my life.

I bucked towards you with each thrust and I gripped you with my thighs so as not to lose any of the momentum but each thrust was such a release of sexual tension and pleasure I gasped and moaned in sheer delight. You were fucking me so hard my tits were bouncing and I knew I was hooked. Sex had never been this good and I orgasmed with such an intensity that I knew I would need more. At that point you had control I was lost in a haze of pleasure and wanting and when you rolled me on to my front I willingly let you take me doggy style. Oh you loved that so much ......I felt you grip my hips and you pumped me so hard your balls slapped against my ass with each powerful thrust. You gripped my breats in one hand and rubbed my clit with the other as you banged me and I lost it just at the moment you did. You came all over my back. I felt you spurt all the way up my back and over my shoulders , warm hot spunk all up my back. So damn horny. I knew then that we had started something that both of us would find hard to resist. We fucked later on that afternoon but at 5.00 began the awkward ritual of pleasant chit chat as we dressed and made plans to go our separate ways.

As I planned my wind down of sexual excitement and rehearsed a feasible story of my afternoon ' meeting' my throbbing clit was a souvenir and reminder of what I had been up to that day. I wanted more I knew I had found someone that went the same pace as me and I wanted to relive each moment again before you went.

We parted coolly I thought with just a peck on the cheek and a wave goodbye as we went our separate ways. Bit flat but then we are both married with lives of our own to live.

Will I see him again ?? What do you think ?

Two married people happily married to other partners ? Both with a sexual need that needs to be fulfilled no matter what ????? DAMN RIGHT I AM NOT LETTING THAT COCK OUT OF MY SIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!! He sent me an email the next day ....can't wait to eat your pussy again. Whats a girl to do ???