Written by arshad

25 Oct 2003

hello im a 27 yrs old asian male , well im married no children me and my wife have a good marriage anyway my wife had to go over to her sisters house in london so i was left alone any way i thought so. she rang her mother to come over and make me tea clean the house she gave her a key so she could go in and out as she pleased. well one night she came all dressed up aged 61 but beauitful big tits and nice figure with tight clothes, i was watching a movie and she walked in i as abit shocked but didnt say anything she sat down and we started to talk about how i was etc. well 20mns went by and i asked why you all dressed up she replied just wanted to make the effort ( abit dazzled). any way it was getting late and i was tired and i said shall i drop you off home she replied no i said ok. she stood up and went up stairs came back after 5mns slowly coming downstairs as i turned around she had no clothes on i was shocked , she with a big cheesy smile said i need a man to fuck me . i didnt know what 2 say her husband had passed away 2 years ago so i understood, i thought about it and put her on the leather sofa and started to lick her hairy cunt it was so wet i licked her for 10mns or so, and took all my clothes off and made her suck me she did it was great better than my wife i pulled my dick out and began to fuck her hard in her cunt then went to her ass she was in pain but enjoying it i was about to come so i put it back in her hairy cunt and spunked in there she still wanted more so igave her more we finished around 11.oo oclock and she was with me all night , in the morning she dressed up and went away later at lunch time she came back for more and its been our secret for quite a while now , i reguarly fuck her when wife is at work and my wife is pregnant , but mother in law still wants me 2 her self so do i.