Written by Chris

4 May 2006

I was travelling back late from London the other night and stopped off at the Oxford Services on the M40. I thought I recognised the couple sat a few tables away from me as I sipped on my coffee. It wasn’t long before we exchanged a friendly ‘hi’, there was practically no one else in the place at that time. I mentioned that I thought I recognised the lady and they asked where from. After skirting the issue for a while she mentioned ‘on the internet?’ and then it hit me….. Swinging Heaven!

Well without a word from me they both realised that the penny had dropped and I asked if I could join them. It appears they had been in London too visiting a relative. We got talking about our experiences on Swinging Heaven and although they had more meets than me it was good to meet and listen to kindred spirits. After hearing some of their exploits I suggested they take my number if they ever wanted a willing guy to help out (they usually go for couples). She nodded to her husband as I passed a business card over to them and he passed her some vehicle keys.

She asked if I wanted to come out to their van with her, hubby to stay finishing coffee. The hubby just winked at me and nodded as he sipped on his coffee. ‘What the hell’ I thought and we both got up to go to the car park. I have to admit some embarrassment as I had a stiff firm cock in my boxers at the thought of what was to happen and try as I might to hide it I’m sure a couple noticed as we walked past their table – oh well, I am human after all.

We got to the van, a big transit type van with no windows at the back. She unlocked the door and climbed in asking me to follow with her skirt riding up her thighs to reveal stocking tops. I couldn’t wait to see what lay beneath her clothes.

We both climbed through the cab and into the back of the van. Just enough light came off the parking site lights to allow us to see what we were up to. As I got up close she pushed herself forward and kissed me passionately – something that hasn’t happened to me in previous Swinging Heaven meets! She hitched her skirt revealing some large panties – not the sexy, flimsy kind but she forced her crotch onto my thigh and thrust up and down against me while she started undoing my belt and jeans and I forgot that she wasn’t done up to the nines.

I undid her top and her tits defied gravity in a lacy bra. Then I hitched up her skirt . She just said ‘I’m on, you can either fuck my pussy or I might be able to let you do my arse – your choice’. Not sure whether to believe her or not I pulled her panties down and I could just see a tampon string hanging between her legs through the shadow. I tugged at the string but it wasn’t coming, she pushed my hand away and squatted slightly. This seemed to help ease her tampon out which she placed in a bucket with some tools in. ‘It should be Ok there, it was new in, it’s the reason we pulled in here tonight – to change my tampon’ she said and then looking straight at me said ‘now do what you want to me’.

I smiled and in a flash of sexual inspiration took a screwdriver from the tools bucket. Gently lay her down on the van floor and placed my throbbing cock in her mouth while I forced the handle of the screwdriver into her wet (well it would be at that time of the month) pussy. She pulled back at first commenting on how cold the handle was. I was surprised at how easily she took the chunky handle but she seemed to be enjoying herself. There was some time of this 69-like foreplay when I whispered that I wanted to fuck her pussy. She let my cock slide from her mouth and grasp as I moved down the van and pulled the screwdriver out to a gasp from her.

I put an arm around her waist and lifted her slightly as she lay there legs parted and dripping a combination of cum and menstrual blood. I smiled as I teased her ass with the screwdriver handle and she giggled. ‘Let’s try and do it then’ she laughed. I took that a sign to gentle probe her ass with a combination of my finger and the screwdriver. It must have taken a few minutes to get the handle up there but she is a very game girl. I then pushed my cock into her pussy. Although it was well lubed by now I was surprised how tight it felt around my manhood. I commented on this and she admitted she does some exercises to help her pussy be very flexible but also very tight (is that true????!!?). I was so horny by now it wasn’t long before I came. She had cum earlier, not a howler but every muscle in her already great bod must have tightened while I was inside her.

On withdrawing I could feel our juices plus her blood all over my cock and wondered if I could wipe it somewhere. She got up too to dress and surprised me by sucking my cock clean. She put a new tampon in, pulled up her panties, buttoned up her blouse and we were soon walking back across the car park chatting like old friends. We agreed to meet again and her hubby was glad to listen as we both told him what we’d done in his van. He smiled at me when he heard from her about me cumming in her.

I’ve met her twice now since then…. but that’s for another story.