Written by Jane & Rob

16 Sep 2005

My name is jane and my husband is called Rob,

Rob has always been on at me to take another lover, but up to this event, I'd not even thought of anyone else. Rob was my childhood sweetheart, he took my virginity away when I was 19, and that was hard work for him!

Anyway it was my 40th birthday and Rob made plans for us to go out with some friends. First we all called in at our local, then onto a club where we all danced and dined. I had a few dances with Rob's mates from where he worked, they are all builders, and some really nice guys and very well built.

After the club shut, Rob suggested we all go back to ours for some more drinks, so we all piled into a couple of taxis and headed for home. Rob put some music on and poured the drinks. I continued dancing with his mates, a couple of them getting carried away with themselves, all this time Rob was talking to one lad in particular, Dave, they both kept on looking over to me and Rob was encouraging Dave to dance with me, especially smoochy numbers. Dave shown a lot more enthusiasm, dancing closer, touching my bum and fondling my breasts, by this time I was getting rather aroused, but getting pissed. Well about 04.30 everybody started to leave by now, except Dave, he was stopping over as he lived a distance away, and single. Rob and Dave kept on winding me up about where Dave was sleeping that night, Rob suggested He stayed in the guest room and Dave stayed in our bed with me! Well I blushed and to be honest I was that pissed, I said the change might do me good, but I'll go upstairs as I can't be bothered with you both being stupid and went to bed.

I'd undressed, had a quick shower and got into bed,naked, in no time I was asleep.

After a while I was disturbed when I felt the presence of someone in the bedroom, but thought nothing of it, there was a little stumbling and heared shoes being discarded, but it was dark, then I felt the bed depress as what I thought was Rob getting in, I never moved I was lay facing away on my tum, one leg straight and the other bent up.

I was just drifting off again and felt movement towards me, you know cuddling up, playing spoons as Rob calls it. A hand came over me carressing me along my sides, up and down slowly, from my shoulders to my bum and back, I then felt him nuzzling up to my neck and ears, kissing and licking,I was by now getting very turned on, all this time I could feel his erection being pushed into my bum.

I felt his hand wonder up along the inside of my legs brushing my now soaking wet slit, with that he slid a couple of fingers into me, then started playing with my clitoris, wow! I love that, he positioned himself where his legs straddled my straight one, pulled my bum cheek apart and entered me with one long push, at this point it felt different, I was more full, he seemed to be longer and fatter than usual. I was being shafted all the way up, I felt his balls against the top of my leg and Fanny Lips. God it felt lovely and started to feel this wonderfull sansation build up inside me, no stopping now, all the time he was feeling my tit and tweeking my nipple making it stand up even more, after 10 or so minutes I could not stand anymore, and started to orgasm, I pushed my hips back to his strokes as he started to go even more quickly

I felt him tense up and groan loudly as he emptied his load up me.

As he subsided he kissed me and withdrew his knob from me, it was then it twigged, it wasn't Rob, but Dave. I panicked, god! what have you done, where's Rob he'll kill me. Dave held me and said "It's alright, Rob and I have agreed to me sleeping with you,It's a Birthday Treat" And wow it was. I jumped out of bed to go and see Rob, he was in the guest room, with a big smile on his face, he then said "Happy Birthday Love" We kissed, and Rob said to go back to bed and enjoy the rest of the night with Dave. Well! Rob was good but Dave was better and quite a bit bigger, probably somebody different made all the difference.I got back into bed and didn't get much sleep, as Dave had me all ways, I was knackered for days after.

Rob lets Dave stop over quite a lot nowadays, I get to be the filling in the sandwhich on most occasions, we all get on great, and I love it!!!