Written by Miranda

27 Mar 2006

Last November I had to attend a course in Manchester which involved an overnight stay.After a lonely evening meal I went into the bar for a nightcap intending one drink only.However the barman had gone off to find something or other.While I waited I struck up a conversation with a tall coloured american.He asked me to join him for a drink which I accepted.Before long we were laughing and joking like old friends.Slightly tipsy I asked was it true what they said about blackmen and you know what.Greg laughed and whispered in my ear why not come to my room and find out for yourself.Tempted I made my excuses and went to leave dropping my handbag as I did so.Greg helped me gather up the spilled contents and said the offer was still there if I changed my mind.

Back in my room I got ready for bed suprised at how wet my panties were,flirting with Greg had turned me on more than I thought.Reaching into my bag I found a beermat from the bar,scribbled on it was a room number,obviously Greg had slipped into my bag.The thought of me slipping across to his room made me shudder with pleasure.Then the minx in me took over,throwing on my overcoat I took the lift up to his floor.He answered the door immediately and pulled me inside,soon we were kissing passionately.Stepping back I undid my coat and let it fall to the ground.Greg lifted me up and carried me to the bed promising me I wouldn`t be disappointed.Swiftly he undressed and and joined me on the bed.His cock was indeed large and only semi hard looked inviting.Pushing me back he went down on my soaking slit and proceeded to lap up my juices as the flowed out of me.Teasing my clit with his tongue he soon brought me off to an earth shattering orgasm.After recovering I moved down his trim body searching for his cock.By now it was rock hard and fully erect,even putiing both my hands around its shaft there was at least another 2 or 3 inches showing.Slowly wanking it a large droplet of precum formed on his cock end,the perfect apperitif which I licked up before milking more and more out of him with each stroke.Then slowly I took him into my mouth teasing him with my tongue,when comfortable with his size took even more in to my mouth.I felt Greg`s hand and fingers playing with my fanny as I sucked on his cock.

Greg was moaning gently with pleasure as I moved up and down his cock.Then he said oh yes baby thats so good make me cum.His first load hit the back of my throat forcing me to pull his cock from my mouth,his second and third loads spraying thick stream of cum across my face and hairThe cum in my mouth was also thick almost chewy as I swilled it around before swallowing it.I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom to clean up,on my return Greg was still hard,beckoning me over he said there still more to come.Climbing underneath him he position himself over me and slowly slipped into me filling me with his monster cock.We lay together for a few moments before he began to move first slowly then with steady firm stroke in and out,I thought I would explode as the waves of pleasure built within me.His love making went on and on soon we were both drenched in the sweat of our labours.I was building for yet another orgasm when Greg tensed and shot his load deep inside me pushing me over the edge.We fell exhausted in each others arms and lay like that till I felt his softened cock slip out of me.A little later I slipped back to my own room holding my fanny to stop his juices running down my thighs.In my room I carefully cleaned myself up gathering up the remants of his thick gooey cum with my fingers and licking them clean.For the rest of the night I tossed and turned masterbating,imagining Greg`s cock pumping in and out of me.

Later as I checked out I bumped into him and we exchanged mobile numbers although he did say he was returning to the States later that week.I never called him although he did text to say if ever I was in the US to call.