Written by Sybil Liberties

6 Sep 2005

I'm a healthy, straight single woman in ger forties who has learned what she likes and what men like. But my lovers have always freaked out on me when I got kinky. Until last night. I was at my local pub talking with the regulars when one of the guys I've had a thing for starting talking about threesomes. I told him I had one of those once, with two guys, not with another chick, and it was hot. "It's hard to find guys that will go for that, though," I said. "You haven't been looking in the right places. Every guy in here right wants into your pants," my friend back room. I could hear others follow, but before I could look to see who had come with us my friend had me shoved against the wall and his hand was in my bra. He kissed me roughly and squeezed my nipple so hard I gasped. He pushed me down on the bench and opened his pants. His huge hard cock bulged out and he pulled my head to him, shoving his cock between my lips and into my nouth. I'd been wanting him, wondering how big he was, and I sucked him hard and deep. Suddenly another set of hands lifted my skirt to my waist and then pulled me to my knees. On all fours, I felt fingers work under my thong and into my pussy. The next second a huge, studded cock rammed into my cunt and I moaned into the cock in my mouth, swallowing it deeper into my throat. The stranger in my cunt fucked me hard and rough, slapping my ass and pulling my hair. His attack went on forever and just as I was sure I couldn't take him anymore he came inside me, hard and long, still fucking me relentlessly. He pulled out of me roughly but before I could catch my breath I felt another huge cock inside me. "Suck me, you slut" my friend in front said, grinding his hips into my face and choking me with his huge cock. I love to suck dick and can take a lot, the bigger and harder the better, and I opened my throat wider, 'til my lips were all the way to base of his shaft. He shoved my head deeper into him and came with a roar, while the one in back slapped my ass and fucked me roughly and without mercy. I swallowed everything, losing myself in the assault on my cunt. My friend pulled out of my throat and hissed at me "you're a dirty little slut and you're going to pay for that." Suddenly number four was above me, tying a blindfold around my eyes. Number three yanked his cock out while number two tied my hands behind me. I was dying to come but I knew they won't let me if they saw how much I wanted it. But I couldn't help shudder and moan when I felt something hard and cold at my pussy. It was a huge bottle that my friend had taken from the freezer while the others tied me up. Number three and then four sat in front of me, as my friend rammed the cold hard bottle into my cunt. When mumber two shoved his cock up my ass I lost my mind while the four of them raped me for what felt like hours. Screaming and writhing I begged them to let me come, and finally they did. My friend pulled out the bottle and forced his massive dick into my cunt. Fucking me harder with each thrust, he sent me over the edge. He spanked and slapped me as hard as he could while I came forever, finally collapsing in ecstacy. They were all relentless, fucking and raping me through the whole orgasm, until finally I couldn't move any more. Then they left me there, ravaged shaking. As he closed the door behind him my friend said "don't get too comfortable. There's ten more waiting outside to finish you off."