Written by BillUK

1 Dec 2017

I watched a lorry driver in a lay-by pretending to have a piss, he was just behind my car it was gone midnight and just off the A1. He was a big man, tall and thickset with a broad thick chest wearing a T-shirt showing his muscles, tapering to a small waist showing his physique off, basically he was rubbing himself and I was watching in the mirror, I had fantasised for ages about wanking a man, this was my chance I thought, I nervously got out and walked round the car got my little cock out and stated wanking too.

He slowly shuffled along next to me, replaced my hand with his and started wanking me, his hand dwarfed my little cock he really had hold of me with his finger and thumb, I was hard as a rock!

He then took my hand and placed it on his hard cock he was much bigger than me, I marvelled at my first feel of another mans cock it felt hot in the cool night air, hot and hard very hard.

I don't have large hands myself, I couldn't quite close my fingers around his girth it felt like a bar of iron in my hand. I wanked him for a while, pulling his foreskin right back over his big mushroom shaped bell end, then back up up covering it right over, I did this without taking my eyes off his cock and my hand travelling up and down it, my heart was hammering in my chest it's a wonder he couldn't hear it. He was thrusting his hips forward a little with my every downstroke, I could see his large balls hanging under his cock swinging with my strokes, he wasn't wearing and underwear, god I was nervous. After what seemed like ages but was probably only a few minutes of this, he led me back to his lorry, he opened the door and helped me up into the cab with his hand all over my arse, another first, no man had felt and squeezed my arse like that, he then went round to his side and got back in. No words had been exchanged at all up to now, I was too nervous, he could probably tell I was like a rabbit in the car headlights likely to bolt any minute, he drew the curtains around his cab, "lets have a little privacy" he said smiling at me, he was in complete control as he unfastened my trousers pulling them off underwear too as I lifted my arse to help him.

Christ I was shaking, he kept telling me it was ok, relax and enjoy he murmured, lets get you in the back and helped me in between the seats up into the bed part of the lorry at the back, once again as he helped me up onto the bed his hands were all over my arse and cupping my balls.

I remember it was all a lot bigger and more comfortable than I'd imagined, with a cushioned interior and a long bed that I found myself naked from the waist down on. He took all his clothes off, told me to take my tee-shirt off, then climbed onto the bed with me, he continued to fondle me, stroking my little dick whilst holding my balls in his hand gently pulling them down which made my cock even harder. He took my hand again pacing it on his cock, he had gone a little soft, but with a few strokes was soon hard again, it was the first time I'd really touched another man or had a man touch me.

He kept a running commentary up telling me how he liked to be touched and to relax and enjoy, he slid down my stomach and I watched hardly believing it was happening as he took me in his mouth, I thought I'd cum straight away but he squeezed my bell end and the feeling subsided, he slowly slid round until his cock was level with my head, he covered my hand on his cock with his and rubbed his big helmet across my lips.

I could see he was leaking pre-cum and felt it on my lips, he left me in no doubt as to what he wanted me to do so I took the plunge, got hold of it and licked his big bell end, I thought it would taste awful but it was a nice sort of slightly salty taste, I then opened wide and sucked the whole end into my mouth, the guy moaned out loud so I then started to move my mouth up and down instinctively pleasuring as I was being pleasured. I couldn’t really take it in here I was in a 69 with a guy, running my tongue around his helmet licking his frenulem trying to give as much pleasure as I was getting.

He was sucking me hard the whole of my cock was in his mouth, I moaned around his cock as I felt him pulling my balls quite hard now, running his fingers around my anus, gently tickling and pressing against my entrance teasing me, god this was fantastic I thought to myself, I was too occupied to be nervous any more.

I felt his hands leave me for a while whilst he was fiddling with something but his mouth never left my cock, then a cool liquid was dribbled on my hole, I was moaning and twitching as he gently ran his fingers up and down my crack, stopping to tease me around my hole until he finally pushed insistently against me, his finger wouldn't be denied, it slipped into me, mmmmm I moaned again around his cock. He kept his finger in me whilst sucking me hard, then I felt him gently start to move his finger deeper into me then pull it virtually all the way out very very slowly, god it felt so good. This he continued until he was happy I was relaxed he then slipped another finger alongside his first, once again he held them in me for a while not moving, then that same long drawn out strokes, in to the hilt palm against my arse then back out until I thought he was going to withdraw, I felt myself instinctively clamping on his fingers trying to stop them leaving me then thrusting my hips down onto them when he was so slowly pushing them back in.

Christ he was playing me like a fiddle, he pushed a little harder on the in stroke, I was moaning on each thrust, slowly out then thrust, slowly out then thrust, harder each time until he was really pumping those thick fingers in and out, I found myself almost involuntarily pushing my hips hard against his thrusting, I’m surprised he managed to keep my cock in his mouth with all the jerking about I was doing, but he was still sucking me whilst my hips were making me slide in and out of his mouth, when his pumping reached it’s zenith It was too much form me, I felt my cum boiling up, “I'm going to cum” I breathlessly told him taking him out of my mouth then greedily sucking him back in, he kept me clamped in his mouth, then for the first time, I came in a man’s mouth pumping spurt after spurt as he fingered me, his tongue working against my bell end I felt the spurts forcing past his tongue, he swallowed every drop or it felt like it to me.

He then pulled himself out of my mouth, turning so he was laying almost on me, I was laying there totally spent like I’d just ran a marathon, before I could move he put his big hand behind my head pulling me inexorably towards his mouth, I could now see little bits of my cum on his lips and chin, and remember myself thinking ‘so he didn’t quite get it all’ (odd what one thinks in certain situations), he kissed me full and forcefully on the lips, I tasted my cum both on his lips and then his tongue as he pushed it into my mouth, another first my first male kiss. I was surprised to find I liked the feeling of his lips on mine, his tongue plundering my mouth, the taste of my cum as he pushed it into my mouth, I found myself automatically licking the bits of my cum off his chin.

He broke his kiss off leaving me panting looking up at him, he was magnificent, large, muscular, masculine, in total control, I’d always felt myself a little submissive but never had I felt so totally dominated as now.

He smiled to himself, running his hands up and down my legs he parted them wide, I felt myself fully exposed, my little cock still fully hard quivering, my balls tight against me, he knelt in-between my thighs, I was so naive, he lifted my legs up by my ankles spreading them wide staring down right into my eyes, as he moved himself a little forward I was shocked when he started rubbing his cock up and down the crack of my arse using the lube he’d spread on me earlier to ease his passage up and down, across my anus, he held my ankles together for a while in one hand trapping himself between my thighs and cheeks. He flipped the cap off the lube and drizzled more over his cock my thighs, balls and arse. I watched as he closed the bottle, put it aside all the while holding my legs in the air with masterful ease.

He used both hands again spreading my legs as wide as they would go, once again I felt exposed and helpless as he ran his rock hard cock up and down my crack, fully from the bottom past my hole right up against my tight balls using just his hips.

He was still staring right into my eyes, his cock running up and down, pushing ever harder against my hole as he ran it past, just pausing on the way past pushing ever harder against my entry, smiling gently to himself as he teased me.

In my naivety, I'd thought to have anal sex the man would have to be taken from behind doggy fashion. I stiffened a little as I realised what was going to happen, relax, relax I won't hurt you he kept murmuring to me, I tried to relax I was nervous again, this was all going incredibly fast, until an hour or so ago I'd never even felt a man's cock, here was one teasing my hole about to enter me.

I'd played with myself using a dildo, even had vibrator up me whilst wanking so was sort of hoping that would help but I'd never had anything the size of his cock it must have been at least 7 ½ inches long and 5 or 6 inches around, it had certainly made my jaw ache, not only did it dwarf mine I marvelled at how hard his erection was, once again I’d naively thought a cock that big wouldn’t get rock hard.

He kept up that traversing up and down my crack shortening the stroke until he was barely passing my hole more just pushing against it from above and then below my anus, pushing ever harder against me, still holding my eyes with his, my ankles wide apart just using his hips to direct his cock.

I felt his cock head slowly opening me up, then pop it slipped up above me, then back down pushing ever more insistent pop back down it went, this was driving me mad with desire, as he pushed against me I was moaning and trying to push against him but he controlled me with his rock hard thighs preventing hardly any forward movement whist all the time still holding my legs up and apart.

Then with a final push I felt his cock head open me up further and with an almost audible pop it slid past my sphincter the head just lodged in me. Mmmmmfff I moaned, he, still eyes locked on mine held himself totally still, I felt my sphincter spasming, gripping him with pulse after pulse a life of it’s own. He smiled down at me as I panted chest heaving, letting me get used to his size in me, "Christ your tight" he said, then when he judged me ready a slow thrust of the hips moved him further into me, god it felt fantastic.

He pulled slowly back just stopping with his head in me, then slowly drove further into me, back out, further in, back out, further in each time, "mmmmmmmmm I moaned" as he slowly thrust ever further more into me, "is that good, do you like?" he asked, "Fantastic but don't hurt me" I replied, he just thrust a little further into me saying "Relax you're in good hands, I'll take care of everything, I know just what you need!" he did too as he pushed more of that hard cock into me with each slow thrust until in a short while I felt his balls tight up against my arse.

He stopped again "See I told you I'd take care of you" he said as he let his hands run down releasing my ankles over my calves placing them over his shoulders. He leant forward over my torso my legs held against his shoulders pinning me almost. He reached again around my head pulling me up to his lips kissing me forcefully, using his tongue to roam my mouth at will, with his full length in me.

God I felt completely full, it was just on the edge of painful but not. He slowly pulled his hips back, withdrawing almost out of me then pushed back in, "mmmmffff" I involuntary exhaled, then again, slowly out right to the edge of his bell end, then in a little harder this time, "mmmmmfffff" I maoned, yet again he pulled so slowly out till I could feel my sphincter gripping his bell end to keep it in, he kept me on the edge thinking is he coming out or not, then thrust his full length hard right in, "ooommppffff!" I exclaimed as his balls slapped against my arse, before I could take a startled breath he pulled back fast, sharply this time, bang, thrusting that hard cock back in with the hardest thrust yet, "unngthh" I moaned as his balls slapped hard and loudly against my arse again.

He alternated between pulling my head to his, kissing me, stroking my cock until I was rock hard, rubbing his fingers over the pre-cum flowing out of me, dipping them into my mouth where I sucked them hungrily, again and again, kiss, collect, thrust, kiss, collect thrust, his fingers gently but insistently entering my mouth while I lick and clean them, never once breaking the rhythm of his thrusting lovemaking. I remember marvelling later at how he could concentrate on all these things at the same time.

They say you always remember your first time, well I remember every second of this like it was yesterday, writing about it now I can visualise every feeling, every move, every word he said vividly, I also know how lucky I was too lose my anal virginity to this guy, although he was a big hard muscular guy, he was a very skilful and considerate lover!

He started to pump into me in earnest, I realised how gentle he'd been up until then as he pulled out and thrust back in ever harder as he could see I was loving it. I can still remember watching his face looking down at himself thrusting in and out of me, the way his breathing started to get heavier, the loud slapping noise, the feeling of his balls hitting my arse, the involuntary grunting and exhalation of breath I was making each time he thrust into me. His thrusts getting ever harder, ever faster, but with a solid controlled rock steadiness. I thought his balls would be black and blue the rate they were banging against me.

I’m being controlled, dominated totally, I try to take it all in, savour every moment, with my legs pinned over his shoulders, I'm craning my head forward to watch his big hard cock pistoning into me, the heat he was generating, the sweat forming on his forehead as he concentrated on fucking me, because that’s what it was now, he was fucking me hard taking his pleasure, he’d gone beyond thinking of me, Oh he knew full well I was enjoying it from my moans, my hips thrusting back up at him, my sphincter gripping him as hard as I could, my returning his kisses, sucking his tongue in hungrily when he gave it to me, my rock hard cock, my urgently sucking his fingers, my trying to hold onto his hips, grasping his buttocks pulling him into me, but it was like holding granite, he moved when he wanted to, my pleasure was a by product of him taking me!

His strokes started to get even faster, I didn't think it was possible, a little jerkier, I recognised he was approaching his orgasm, he gave his first groan as he thrust hard into me held himself there whilst letting out almost a roar, I felt his cock jerking, twitching as he pumped rope after rope of his cum into me. I felt his buttocks flexing under my hands as I desperately clutched him to me, he ground harder and harder against me with several more groaning grinding pumps, I was amazed I could could feel the heat of his cum, I was taken by surprise when I too started to cum, it was just oozing out of me, no real spurts more just little pumps of cum running down my cock over my balls to coat his cock.

It dawned on me, we hadn't used protection, I'd had my first fucking, I loved it, I was not Bi-curios any longer!

I just laid there, once again utterly spent I was covered in sweat, his and mine, with my legs over his shoulders as he recovered panting above me.

I smiled nervously up at him enjoying the moment, even though I was covered in our sweat I didn't care I just gripped him as hard as I could with my arse not wanting him to withdraw, just revelling in the feeling of this big masculine assertive guy filling me. He returned my smile looking down at me, he moved gracefully back onto his haunches with his cock still lodged in me, "Good eh?" he said, "Fantastic" I gasped up at him, he reached over, collected a small cloth, held it under my arse and gently began to ease his cock out, "mmmmmmmm" I moaned gripping him trying to keep him in as long as I could, he chuckled at me as he plopped out with a squelch of his copious cum running out down my crack between my buttocks.

Taking charge again he carefully caught the mess gently wiping me, I found myself again, with both ankles in one of his big hands, this time lifting my buttocks off the bed, moving my legs this way and that, handling me like a baby cleaning my arse, cock and balls, he lowered my legs gently to the bed, then cleaned himself with the cloth and some moist tissues.

He sat back, "That was your first time wasn't it?" he asked, "yes I replied", “you were fantastic" he said, I was speechless, all I'd done was lay back and let him take me.

He pulled another wet flannel, out wiping me all over then himself, we got dressed, he asked me how often I got near this lay-by, I told him every week, "Would you like to meet again?" he asked, "Yes Please" I blurted back, “Get rid of all this” he commanded, tugging at my pubic hair, “I want you totally shaved next week” he said in his assertive no nonsense way! “I’ll bring something a little more suitable for you to wear for me, don’t forget your legs, I don’t want to see a hair on them next week!”

I knew there was no way I wasn’t going to try to please this man, I loved the feeling of him taking me, I revelled in him controlling me, his big hands on me, manhandling me as he took his pleasure, his big cock in me, I wanted it again, soon and as often as he liked.

It was a totally newfound feeling, but one that I felt had been hidden within me just waiting to be released. I’d fantasised about Bi sex with another man wondering how it would be.

I was always the submissive in my fantasies, in fact I’d always been very submissive with women, loving them to take the lead. What I didn’t realise and took me completely by surprise is how totally I would be under the spell of this large masculine man, I never thought I’d actually let a man kiss me, let alone find myself kissing him back, desperately hunting for his tongue when ever he let me have it.

I realised too it was precisely that, he was letting me have his tongue I was worshipping it along with the rest of his body, he gave me what he wanted to give me when he wanted to, I clung to it, whether it was his cock, his fingers, his lips or his tongue, in no time flat he had exposed my submissive feminine side.

I’d already come up with an excuse for the shaving in my head, I would cycle more, I’d read cyclists shaved their legs to stop infection if they crashed with hairs getting in the grazes, that would be my excuse.

I found myself sitting in my car getting hard at the thought of being hairless for him.

I wondered if I’d given any signals to him or did he just do what came naturally to him and I was just the lucky recipient, I wondered if anyone would be able to tell I’d been taken like a girl, and indeed if anyone could tell I loved it!!

Either way I was hooked, this genie was not going back in the bottle, I was counting the minutes until our next meeting.

That was my first time!