Written by peteh

6 Aug 2006

I am a divorced man 43, not bad looking, bi, and very sub.

When i was married, i had to contain my urges to do anything about this, but now i am free to do as i please.

Through SH i answered an add from an older male dom, who was looking for a sub male to train. I had given him my msn addy, and 2 days later he contacted me on-line.

He went through all the things he expected from me, and what my limits were. My limits were few, nothing to do with scat or severe pain.....tho i did say i could take a fair amount. We agreed on a 'safe' word for me to use if i wanted things to stop. (very important) For first meets, he said were always made in a motel, so we fixed a time and date, and he said he would contact me again the night before.

The time arrived, and i sat at my pc a little nervous. At about 8pm he came on line.... I said hello sir. He quickly typed and said not to speak unless given permission to, and to read the following. You will be at the motel at exactly 4pm you will get a room, go to the room and take a shower, use a douch on yourself, then put on white knickers, and wear white stockings. put your normal clothes on top. I will text you when i am outside. You will come to greet me, and carry my bag to the room.

Do you understand my orders..........I said yes sir.

He then went off line.

In the morning i went into swindon, to buy knickers and white stockings it was very embarrassing, but had to be done.

I set off in plenty of time to get to the motel, and did all as instructed.

I sat nervously on the bed for about an hour. Then the message came thro on my mobile my mobile. It read Sir is here come and get my bag.

I went to meet him as fast as i could. He is quite a big man 58, but very fit. He pointed to a bag on the floor, and i picked it up. I led the way to the room.

He told me to undress keeping my stockings and knickers on. I stood facing him and he told me to get on my knees. He stood in front of me and told me to take his trousers off. He then told me to take down his boxers....as i did i saw his cock for the 1st time...it was flacid but still bigger than mine, and had a big purple knob.

He pushed it in my mouth and told me to get it hard, so he could fuck his cocksucking slut. This i did. after a while he told me to take my knickers off and bend over the bed.

He applied ky all arround and in my arse. He used a but plug on me, first a small one, then a bigger one. After about 10mins he took it out and got behind me. He eased his cock into my quite stretched hole and began to slide in and out, slowly at first then faster and faster.....this went on for nearly 20mins He then pulled out and ordered me to kneel before him again and take off the condom. He roughly pushed his cock into my mouth and told my to suck as hard as i could. He stood there fucking my mouth as he had done with my hole. All of a sudden i felt thick wads of cum burst in my mouth.....He told me to swallow it and then lick him clean.

He then told me to wank and to clean up my mess.

We relaxed for a while, and talked normally. Then my master introduced me to other things, such as a sound spanking, watersports and being tied up.

Afterwards, he said he was fairly pleased with me, and that he would arrange to see me again, but at his house where he has a playroom. He also said that i was his to do with as he pleased, and that he was going to have others use me too.....cant wait!.