Written by steve harris

12 Apr 2006

This story goes back to the mid 80s. My girlfriend at the time was quite a big girl around size 14.I talked her into wearing the briefest tanga style panties she could wear which could be seen clearly through tight dresses & trousers. This was a big turn on for me and she new it. Her favorite way to show her pantie line would be to play pool in our local which she made sure a lot of shots would include bending and stretcing. One particular evening near last orders a friend of ours was playing pool with my g/f, she went to the toilet which my mate made a comment on how breif her panties were and was they really as small as what they seemed. When she returned she tok a shot which had her leaning right across the table whilst in the position i told her what he just said which embaresed him somewhat. Karren stood up and told him not to be embaresed as we both liked coments on her pants. To my suprise she sugested that i play him at pool and if he beat me we would take him home and she would show him just how small they were. I agreed and as youve probably guesed i lost. We drunk up and went home opened a couple of cans from the fridge and relaxed. After a few minutes i said well i lost at pool so show him your panties. Karren stood straight up and said youll have to wait then went upstairs. I thought she had bottled it and after a while apologised to my freind for wasting his time. within seconds i heared karren shout you havnt wasted anyones time and appeared at the bottom of the stairs in a totaly see through baby doll nighty. My cock stood up instantly. Underneath she was wearing the smallest tanga panties she had, probably made for a size 10. (if your not familure with tangas they have a small triangle front, thin elastic at the sides, a back about the size of the front and come about half way up the bottom). karren asked me to say nothing and just watch as i could have my fun after he had gone. She asked what he thought and were they as small as he thought they were. He was gob smacked. She knelt down infront of him undid his jeans which were nearly busting at this point and started to wank him really slow. I was sat right next to them and had already took my own cock out. She continued wanking his cock and never got any faster. When he said he was going to cum she stood up turned round and made him shoot all over her big arse and little knickers. It wasnt long before he dressed and went. Then it was my turn i came in about 10 seconds. We did this a few more times over the years which i will tell you about soon.