Written by Andrea

20 Sep 2005

My name is Andrea i am 28 now and this episode i am going to tell you happened to me last February the only things in this story which are not true are the names, Ihave had to do this as a certain person reading this page might know who i am so i have decided to keep names including my name secret.

My self and my boyfreind no longer live in the area where all this happened and he would go mad if he knew i was on this site.

I am very good looking and have a very nice body which does tend to turn a few heads i acn tell you! I dont like to dress sluttish and although my profession as a secretary i still dress smart but not into short skirts and all those things that guys have a fantasy what a secretary should wear. I had worked for a number of firms as i was working through an agency and i did however get the typical lewd remarks from guys or overheard them discussing what they would love to do with me. But i never cheated on my boyfreind and did not intend to start now.

But i went to work for this Insurance firm and while there i got freindly with the other girls who worked there, I could not beleive some of the things that they would discuss what they would be doing Friday or Saturday night and some of these women were bloody married! Anywayi had been working there for approx 4 months and one guy who was half cast good looking started to flirt with me but i told him i was not interested as i already had a boyfreind.He just would not take No for an answer and every oppertunity that we were alone he would always try to chat me up! Even touching me now and again while talking not in a sexual way but freindly and joking. he kept on asking me to go for a drink with him which i said no as it would lead to something else? He asked like what? i told him don't play stupid with me you know what! "SEX"? embarassed he told me no that was not what he had in mind, but i told hime well it would not happen any way so forget it, I said go and ask one of those other women i am sure they would be up for it but he declined and said that they were not his type? Rubbish i said how different am i to them? Well for starters he said your body looks great and you have a lovely bust! I told him to leave me alone or that i would report him to my manager. He left me alone for a couple of weeks and would always blank me when i walked past his desk, I could see that he was gobsmacked that he did not get my knickers down.

One day i noticed one of the other guys in the office was looking at this site on his P.C. he quickly turned it off as i walked past, but i noticed that he was looking at the women advertising for men? So when i got home i got onto the P.C before my Boyfreind came home and took a look at this site for myself! but i never read any of the stories.

I went to look at the men and i could not beleive the sizes of some of the cocks i was looking at i had only had 3 guys in my life and they were all average sized including my boyfreind now.I must confess that i did play with myself afterwhich thinking how dirty i was doing this.

The next morning i had to walk to work as my boyfreind had taken the car and it was raining hard, i was walking along the road when this half cast chap who i should name now as Errol pulled up and asked if i wanted a lift at which i took beacuse it was raining hard and blowing a gale.

On getting in his car he asked me again later if i would go for a drink with him at which i then said ok but only one he looked happy finally i had agreed.

Before i left work i went into the ladies to tidy my self up a bit and touch up my make up, I left with errol to the local pub and i must say he really did look after me but there was no way he was going to fuck me if that was what he had in mind.

What was lucky for me that day is that my boyfreind had taken the car because he was working out of town and would not be home much before 1am at which i would be in bed fast asleep for work the next day.I dont usually smoke and was offered this cigarette which tasted weird? and i soon felt a little drunk, giddy and very tired? All of a sudden i came to my senses and thought i was being set up to be raped here, But Errol calmed me down and said dont worry i smoke this stuff from time to time as it relaxes you which he was right as i did feel very relaxed. It was now approx 7.30pm when he said ok i better take you home so we left the pub and got into his car, during the journey i felt very horny and in a strange way wanted him to do things to me? I could not stop these thoughts going through my mind even though i was very much in control of the situation.

I blurted to Errol would you like to fuck me? He gasped and turned to me "are you serious"? Why dont you i stupidly asked why yes he said with a stammer but where? In your car? No he said i will take you to my place!

We got into his flat he made me another Gin which i drank straight down he said steady girl! I said come on then fuck me i wanted it badly! he went into the bedroom and after a few minutes he called me in, i walked in to see Errol stood there completly naked and his Cock thick and black fully erect, i walked over to him by his bed and took hold of it i could feel it pumping he was randy as hell he reached down and put his hand under my skirt and pulled it up revealing my Pink Knickers, At that point i thought no i cant do this and tried to pull away but he was stronger than me and i was now in his grasp, he ripped my panties off me and said dont you want me? I just sunk to my knees i opened my mouth and let him put his cock in my mouth i sucked him and i felt some of his spunk on my toungue which i wiped away as i did not like the taste, He then mouth fucked me with and repeated you want this dont you! I could not talk and kept nearly being sick as he kept hitting the back of my throat with each thrust. He then said ok babe take your clothes off and kneel on all fours before me let me see your lovely cunt! I did as i was told? I thought do it and it would be all over. He played with my pussy as i said i had never let any man touch me in the way he was doing, I then felt him penetrate me and started fucking me hard pulling on my swaying tits and feeling his balls hitting against me thrusting hard i acme at least three times while he did this and i had never had orgasms like this before? and then he continued to pump away up me i could see him and me in the mirror and i felt disgusted with myself what i was allowing him to do but i could not stop as i wanted him to cum inside me, he then asked me to put my pink panties in my mouth and pretend i was being raped i did what he wanted i could taste my own juices on those panties,He then started to pull right out and i could see his knob in the mirror and then he would push back in. He then turned me over onto my back and asked me to open my legs as far apart as possible he climbed ontop and i could feel his cock really deep inside which hurt me at times as he was thrusting me very very hard, he then asked when he was ready to cum where did i want it? I said inside me all of it inside me, Dont you want me to shoot in your mouth! Ihated the taste of spunk but i allowed him to do this, when he was about to come he got off asked me to sit up and told me not spill any of his liquid! i sat up and watched him wanking his thick cock until he said open wide I saw him shoot the first load which hit the back of my throat at which nearly made me sick and i swallowed it i could not stop that! he then continued to cum all over my chin, by then i wanted his cock in my mouth so i could suck up all the cum.We lay there for a while after touching each other and i was still playing with his cock, we later had another fuck at which he came inside me! we got dressed and he took me home with his cum still trickling out of my fanny. I got home and showered and made something to eat i felt really disgusted that i had gone behind my boyfreinds back and vowed never to go back to this place again! we relocated to another part of the country but i still think about Errol and how many other girls he was fucking! But i must admit he was very good and pleased me beyond anything i had ever experienced with any guy.This story was true and did happen i would love to name the place where i was but i just cannot do that as this storywould probably never be printed?I know some of the stories on here are from men and not women as they would like us to beleive? But i am afraid a guy just cannot act as a woman would act because they are not women? I dont know why people do this as this spoils the genuine peoples stories like my own which was not glamourous but might make interesting reading to some men out there? But there it is off my chest now and i can continue to live my life? I am not interested in meeting any other men as that was my 3 hrs of madness never to be repeated!