Written by My Wife

12 Jan 2011

I have always wanted my petite little wife to fuck with another bloke but she just won't think of it. I have advertised for blokes to have a go, but nobody has come up with anything that sounded like it would work. One bloke did meet her, but he was useless and obviously didn't understand where she was coming from.

One day though my wife gave me an idea. We were talking about sex and women fucking outside of marriage and all sorts of things like that. I was as hard as ever at the thought of a bloke ramming his cock into her and kissing her and she returning it, etc. etc. Suddenly my wife told me she thought tall, broad black men were probably very interesting. The usual thing, big cocks that would ram into you and all that sort of thing. Being very petite I know she loves tall, well built men, but she would never think of having sex with them. She is 36, 5 feet 1 inch tall, size 6 and 32 cup tits.

I decided to put an ad in Loot to see what would happen and to cut a very long story short I met up with this really huge black man who claims he has to be careful fucking women becuase his cock is so huge he can hurt them. He also loved petite white women most. We worked it out he would be able to come to our house when I was away for the day and try it on with Michelle, my wife. He told me he sold electrical products and my wife had been on for ages about a new vacuum cleaner, so I set it up she would expect someone to come round and talk to her about what was on the market. And it worked well. I had set up a hidden camera in the lounge which I could watch and hear what was hapening in my office attached to the house. She would never know I had slipped in there when I was supposed to be miles away.

The guy, Mike, turned up and they went into the lounge and talked about vacuum cleaners etc. Michelle asked him if he wanted a cup of tea which he did and when she came back with it they sat together on the settee and talked about all sorts of things until he started to slowly turn the talk around to women who had sex outside of marriage. She was quite happy to talk to him about the subject because he bought it up in a very clever way. He was no fool this bloke and he knew exactly what he was doing and how to get into her knickers.

Gradually he said to her have you ever been unfaithful. No she said I wouldn't think of being unfaithful to my husband. Why not he said, he would never know, you would enjoy yourself, what harm is there in it. Good heavens I couldn't do that she said. He kept on at her persuading her it was not being unfaithful, just having a good time and not hurting her husband who would not know about it anyway. This went on for some time and you could tell by her movements and talk he was making her think. Then he said to her I have had many married women who don't want to be unfaithful, just have a good experience and then carry on with their marriage. At that she said tell me more about it then. I nearly shot my load at that because I knew he was getting her interested in him. If she was going to fuck with anybody it would be someone like him and he knew it. He started to tell her in great detail about a married woman he had fucked who would never normally do it but enjoyed herslef and then carried on as though nothing had happened. He put in how big his cock was and how careful he had to be and that bought a huge smile to her face.

Michelle, he said, you seem to like the idea of big cocks, don't you? I suppose, she said. He moved close to her and said put your hand here, pointing to the enormous bulge in his trousers. No she said I couldn't. So he gently held her hand and then after a few seconds slowly moved it nearer and nearer to his bulge. She was pulling back a little at first, but he kept moving her hand closer until he dropped it onto his trousers. He held it there for awhile and then slolwly pulled his hand away leaving her with her hand on his knob. I wasn't lying about it's size, was I he said. No she said it's huge. Why don't you try stroking it a bit Michelle. At that she moved her hand down a little and then up to the top. She was smiling at him while she started to move it up and down very slowly. Squeeze it Michelle he said. She obviously did and also started to rub it a little bit faster. Lets have a look at it shall we he said. At that she moved back and he unzipped his trousers and out sprang this collosal, very thick and enormously long very, very errect cock. My God she said it's huge. Why not try tasting it Michelle he said. I couldn't do that she said, but he knew how to handle her. Yes you can, come here. At that he put his hand behind her head and pulled her down onto his cock. He rubbed it around her face a couple of times and then put it to her lips and said come on darling, open. At that she did and he pushed her head onto his knob at which she immediatly gagged. He let her up and said sorry, I'm just so worked up. You carry on yourself. She needed no further instructions and started to suck him off very expertly.

Once she had got started to he put his hand under the bottom of her blouse and pulled it up and started to rub each one of her tiny tits. She was now making a few grunts and sucking faster and pushing his cock as deep into her mouth as she could. After a very short while he dropped his hand down to her skirt and started to pull it up bit by bit each time showing more and more of her well built shapely legs until you could see her knickers. He pushed his hand up her leg to her cunt and started to rub the area around it with her beginning to open her legs wider and wider at each rub.

Suddenly he said to her come on Michelle, lets see how far we can get this cock inside your belly. She said nothing, but got up, pulled her blouse, bra and skirt off and her knickers until she was bollock naked, then lay back on the couch with her legs wide, wide open. By now he had also stripped naked, and he jumped on top of her, found her cunt which was soaking and slowly started to push his huge cock into her body. Slowly it went in further and further until I thought it was never going to stop. Michelle just lay there as he entered her deeper and deeper and deeper. You could see he was nearly fully inside her and she was moaning and moaning. Am I hurting you Michelle he said. Not yet she said keep pushing she said. Suddenly she shoved her body upwards and said stop, it's hurting now. He stopped and then just lay there with most of his huge cock deep inside her. Then he kissed her for the first time. She flung her arms around him and they kissed very, very passionatley for ages. Soon he started to move his cock in and out of her and she was moaning and kissing him and he started to fuck her, slolwy at first but soon he got faster and each time he rammed in he went deeper into her. Every now and then she let out a yell as he hurt her, but he kept on fucking her, much faster now.

Soon he was ramming into her and on most occasions he was hurting her, but he was so worked up at fucking such a beautiful creature he didn't care. Then suddenly he gave her a huge crash of his cock which made her scream in pain as he then went still shooting tuns of his spunk into her as deep as he could. He just kept on shooting with her trying to push him off. No don't cum inside me she said, but it was too late. She should have thought of that before now because he was emptying his balls deep inside her belly and you could see it beginning to pour out of the sides of his cock onto the couch. He was by far the biggest cummer I have ever heard of. He just shot loads and loads of spunk into her with her trying desperately to shove him off. He wasn't moving or saying anything, just shooting spunk.

Then sudenly he slumped down onto top of her almost smothering her.. She was still trying to push him off her, but he was so huge and she so small she just could'nt budge him. Get off me she kept saying until eventually he did get up and pull his huge cock out of her. As he did massive amounts of spunk came pouring out of her cunt onto the settee. I really didn't think you were going to cum inside me Mike she said. If you had asked me to cum over your tits or in your mouth I would have he said. But you didn't say a thing and to be honest you are the sexiest and best fuck I have ever had. You got me so worked up just looking at you I couldn't control myself. Sorry.

The rest is not important. They got dressed, he left, I "came home" later in the day but she has never said anything that happened. I'd love to see her fucked again, but whether she would do it or not I really don't know. I suppose it depends on how clever the bloke is at getting the knickers off a married woman who does not fuck outside of love and marriage.