Written by The Saint

4 Nov 2005

Out in a bar one night, my wife Kerry and I had a few beers and were feeling quite horny - but when I came back from the toilet one time, I saw her talking to another guy at the bar - I am sure as I came over, I saw him just reach down and stroke the front of her skirt. She hadn't seen me coming back at this point and she looked at him and smiled - he whispered something to her and led her towards to rear exit to the beer garden. On her way past me, she gave me a look as if to ask if it was ok - we had discussed this situation before and I had no problem at all in nodding back my approval. She disappeared out of the door into the dark beer garden. I opened the door ajar and looked out. It was deserted except for the two of them - I saw him position Kerry agaisnt a wall and kneel down in front of her. He thrust one hand up her skirt and she moaned, putting her head back and closing her eyes. She pushed her hips forward and he responded by putting his other hand up her tight denim skirt. It was quite cold and so Kerry had put on a pair of her blackest tights. He was obviously a fan of tights because he continued to massage her pussy through her tights and knickers for about ten minutes. He then pulled her over to a beer table and bent her over it. As she rested on her elbows, he pulled up her skirt. In one movement, he eased down her tights and knickers to her ankles and started licking her out from behind while fingering her clit with two fingers at the front. Her head was thrashing about and she shuddered to a climax, cumming straight into his mouth. This only spurred him on more as he stood up and dropped his trousers. He was rock hard and thrust himself into her, fucking her furiously whilst pinning her down onto the table top with his hands. One hand then left her back and went into her crotch, wanking her off as he fucked her. He seemed to go on forever, but about five minutes later, he shot his load inside her as she climaxed again. They dressed and walked back to the door. I met them back in the bar and walked Kerry home. She told me it was one of the most amazing experiences of her life, fucking a complete stranger. So good that she was still horny. We were just passing a side alley and she pulled me down there and told me to lift her skirt and fuck her again!!

We should go out more often.........I'll tell you more about our future experiences as well....