Written by John

29 Nov 2006

This is the continuing story of how my wife tested her sexual limits without my presence but with my blessing. As a condition of her freedom she had promised to tell me everything that happened, and we are in bed, with her relating her tale.

On a company fact-finding trip to Europe she has had her boss, a driver and the accountant in one evening, and the next night she was a star at an Amsterdam sex club. Being rather drunk she was helped back to the hotel and to bed by her three male colleagues.

The following morning she awoke with a fuzzy head and a gentle ache deep inside her from all the cocks that had probed her. She found spunk coming from her cunt and hardened on the sheet under her pussy, in her hair & cum stains elsewhere on the sheet. She knew that had not come from the club – she remembered that everyone there had used a condom. Then the rest of the night started to come back to her. How she had been helped to her room by her work colleagues. How they had helped her off with her coat – the only garment she had worn on her return from the club – and laid her on the bed. And how she had taken hold of the accountants groin with its meaty package and told him that she wanted his cock inside her.

They had needed no further bidding. At the club they had just sat and watched whilst she was taken by the professional sex couple from the club, followed by several men from the audience including the two Dutchmen from their party, and they were more than ready for their turn. Quickly the accountant was naked with his fat nine inches fully erect, and slipping it into her well-lubricated hole. His size, and her excitement from earlier in the evening, meant that she came almost immediately. The driver thrust his penis into her mouth and she took him in as far as she could, while her boss knelt beside them massaging her breasts with one hand and wanking himself with the other. As the driver got more excited he thrust deeper into her mouth, but as he was on the point of coming she gagged and had to draw her head away and he came all over her face and hair. This sight finished the accountant who shot his load into her as she had another orgasm, and the boss came all over the bed before he could get into position to screw her. She had fallen asleep as they left her room.

She got out of bed and saw that a note had been slipped under the door. It was from the boss, saying that as today’s meeting was not of major importance, she should have the day off to get some rest and spend the day shopping; they’d see her in the bar before the evening meal. This suited her fine. She was still tired and a little sore from all the activity over the last couple of days, so she dozed for a while to let the paracetamol take effect and then took a long bath. Then she took herself into Amsterdam for a late breakfast and some retail therapy.

By the time they met up again she was revitalised and ready for what she hoped would be an energetic last evening. As well as her three fellow countrymen, the boss had invited the two Dutchmen who were with them at the club. One had brought his wife, Heidi. Jane was wearing more conventional attire this evening, although the blouse was new, purchased that day and quite see-though in a coffee-coloured chiffon, and her bra, also new, was semi-transparent and only just capable of controlling her large breasts. They chatted cheerfully over drinks and then dinner; she was surprised that they talked about the previous evening, given that the Dutchman’s wife was there, but Heidi seemed fascinated by what had taken place.

After dinner the boss announced that he had some nice booze in his room, and would they like to adjourn? Off they went to his suite which was well appointed with a very large bed, a settee and armchairs, and plenty of space. Drinks were dished out and they sat in the chairs

Without any preamble, Heidi stood up, undid her dress, and allowed it to drop to the floor. She was only wearing a thong underneath. She went over to Jane, lifted her from the chair, deftly removed her skirt and blouse, then took her in her arms and kissed her. Jane had only ever had one taste of another woman, the night before, yet she gave way and let Heidi take control. After a minute they moved to the bed to play with each others bodies whilst the men watched avidly with tenting trousers.

Heidi caressed Jane’s chest then removed her bra and gently kneaded her large soft bosom and erect nipples. She took them in her mouth and softly teased them with her teeth. She then moved her head down to Jane’s waist, where she ran her tongue around and into her navel whilst slipping her hand under her Jane’s thong and playing with her clit. She then moved down and licked her cunt. They moved to lie side by side facing each other. It was Jane’s turn to caress Heidi’s body with her mouth. This was a new experience for her, the feel of soft yielding flesh, no stubble on the chin, no body hair even in the pubic area, no hard muscle, no masculine odour. The soft plumpness and mobility of Heidi’s breasts, the unaccustomed prominent nipples, the saltiness of her cunt on her tongue. It was all a new world opening up to her.

Oblivious to the audience, and by now both totally naked, they moved into the soixante-neuf position the better to satisfy each other. Jane was on top, and as they licked and sucked each other’s clits, both approaching a climax, Jane felt a stiff cock press against her cunt-lips then force its way inside her. This was heaven! She did not know who was fucking her, and she did not care. The sensation was amazing, and she came in a mighty orgasm. The cock kept pounding, Heidi kept tonguing, and she came again and yet a third time, then she felt the cock spasm and unload into her. Undeterred she kept sucking Heidi as the cock was removed, then she rolled onto her side to allow Heidi to take the superior position. The two women kept at it as Jane watched a Dutchman (not Heidi’s husband – it transpired that he had just fucked Jane) slip a good-sized cock into Heidi, with his warm hairy balls bouncing on Jane’s nose and forehead. It was Heidi’s turn for multiple orgasms, until with shouts her penetrator came for what seemed like ages. After he had subsided he slowly withdrew his cock which trailed over Jane’s face leaving the love juices on her. Then the semen started dribbling from Heidi’s open cunt, and Jane moved her mouth up to suck the juices in.

Heidi and Jane fell apart to catch their breath, and the men moved in…..