Written by DP

8 Aug 2006

If you have already read Naughty Wife, you will know that J's punishment for "entertaining" the decorator was to put on the same show for me.

Last night, with no kids about, we went upstairs with me barely able to walk as I had such a hard on. In the bedroom she slowly removed her white blouse and jeans then reached behind her to release her magnificent chest. The nippless were standing out miles and she was clearly very turned on. She then turned away from me, bent down and pealed off her thong - giving me a perfect view of her fanny. She is quite hairy and I could see that she was already wet. She threw her thong at me and I sat near the bed, feeling the warmth and dampness around my throbbing prick.

She lay back on the bed, sucked two fingers and slowly pushed them inside herself, opening her fanny lips as she did so and letting out a low groan. She then surprised me by reaching under her pillow and bringing out her electric toothbrush which she switched on and used to maassage her clit. In no time she was squirming and moaning as she pinched her nipples and worked on her clit.

I could tell she was building up to a climaax and she swapped the toothbrush for her rabbit. She drove this straight up and proceeded to fuck it for all she was worth. One minute she was bucking her hips up and down as she worked the rabbit in andd out, the next she had her legs pulled right back revealing everything and working her clit with the rabbit's ears. Her breathing was getting heavier, her fanny wetter and the room filled with the aroma of dirty sex. By this time I had stripped off and was wanking away with her thong, but trying desperately not to come!

Finally, she let out an enormous scream and arched her back as she was gripped by an enormous orgasm. She pressed the rabbits ears on her clit and shuddered for what seemed like minutes as waves of pleasure swept over her. If this was what the decorator saw, its a miracle he stayed on his ladder! By now I was keen to get between her legs to lick up all her juices, but she had other ideas. She had been wanked on, given blowjobs and put on a show. By now she said, she just need a good hard shag - who was I to argue!

She got on all fours, stuck her arse in the air and I drove in to her like it was my first time. It was a pretty frenzied act, me shagging away, her using the toothbrush again on her clit, big tits swaying and telling me to fuck her harder. In turn I was telling her what a dirty bitch she was and how many more workmen did she want to entertain? I even stuck my thumb up her arse, something she had never let me do before. It couldn't last long and in no time we both reached a noisy climax and flopped, exhausted, on the bed. Amazingly, after all she had done that day, she lay there slowly massaging her clit as we got our breath back.

I'm not sure where we go from here. I don't think she fancies dogging as she will find it hard to control the situation, but I can see the occasional bit of exhibitionism to spice up our sex life. Could be interesting times ahead, but in the meantime I am happily sat at my desk, typing this with her musky thong in my pocket and recovering from yet another wank! I will keep you posted on developments.