Written by Gerry

25 Aug 2006

Hello,i am Gerry and i am in my early forties,i

reside in London.The story i wsh to tell is a true

one.I had seen Margaret,(a plump fair haired lady

in her early sixties) on many occaisions as she

lives in the same road,and i had always felt a

little guilty when i saw her struggle to her front

door with heavy grocery bags,fate was to lend a

hand.I saw Margaret in our local Sainsbury's as

she did her weekly shop,and i did mine,within no

time i began chatting and i was pleased to be able

to offer her a lift home,i also offered my services

for whenever she needed to do a shop in future.

I am very interested in spanking and corporal punishment

and i noted with interest that Margaret had a very

plump and curvacious bottom that seemed to stretch the

fabric of her beige trousers to the limit,showing

the outline of her big knickers in full relief.

We have become good friends since,but with a difference,

you see i have confided my interest in spanking

to this lovely kindly lady and she very graciously

has agreed to assist me in my hobby.

Margaret has a very submissive nature,but she knows

enough about my character to trust me completely,

and that i'd never harm her in any way,however she

admits to feeling terrible 'butterflies' in her

tummy at the thought of our afternoon sessions.

On a typical afternoon.

14.00 Margaret arrives at my home dressed in those

very tight trousers and a blouse with cardigan,after

a cup of tea,i order Margaret over my knee for

a good hard spanking on her big matronly cheeks.

Margaret dreads the cane,but i always apply it

to her naked buttocks as she touches her toes,as

an alternative i sometimes use a leather strap,

i am glad my house is detached,as i am sure Margarets

yells and protests as i chastise her flinching,

wobbling derriere,would certainly worry the neighbours.

I also have Margaret strip to just her knickers

for punishment as this allows me some splendid

views of her heavy,sagging breasts,that i shamelessly

fondle (much to her secret delight).